Getting /usr/lib/vxvm/voladm.d/bin/disk.encap: cannot shift when trying to encapsulate the bootdisk

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Cannot enacapsulate the boot disk

Error Message

/usr/lib/vxvm/voladm.d/bin/disk.encap: cannot shift  These devices appear to be detached from their disk groups. You may
  wish to reattach these devices. To reattach the devices select "Add
  or initialize one or more disks" from the main disk operations menu
  and enter the device names for these disks.
  Output format: [Device_Name,Disk_Access_Name,Disk_Group,Disk_Media_Name]


The error "/usr/lib/vxvm/voladm.d/bin/disk.encap: cannot shift" is a result of the disk c0t8d0 having a public and private region.

To get a better idea of what the actual error is we can manually encapsulate the boot disk as follows

/etc/vx/bin/vxencap -c -g rootdg -f sliced rootdisk=c0t8d0s2

This command fails with:

VxVM vxencap ERROR V-5-2-610
Disk c0t8d0s2 is already being used as auto:sliced disk - in disk group -;
        Disk cannot be encapsulated.

As can be seen, the disk cannot be encapsulated as it already has a public and private region.


vxdiskunsetup -C c0t8d0

vxdiskadm #2

Applies To

Solaris 10


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