How to test failover of a PrivNIC resource

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The customer needs to understand how the PrivNIC resource works and how to test it


The PrivNIC agent does a check using lltstat on the interface and if it sees that the LLT is running without any issue on that interface then privnic assumes that the interface is up and plumbs the IP as it is supposed to do. The ifconfig down command works at Network layer (layer 3) of OSI model , however LLT works at Datalink layer (layer 2 of OSI model).So it is not an obvious step to test with ifconfig down for the interface (since ifconfig down is not going to change the state of interface as "DOWN" in #lltstat -nvv output).


The good test for privnic agent is to involve network administrator, and to bring down a connection from the switch (disable the port), and check if the interconnect fails over.

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Here is the sample configuration ...

MultiPrivNIC multi_priv (
Critical = 0
Device @galaxy = {bge1= 0, bge2 = 1}
Device @nebula = {bge1= 0, bge2 = 1}
Address @galaxy = {"" =0, "" =1}
Address @nebula = {"" =0, "" =1}
NetMask = ""

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