BUG REPORT: During browse of Exchange GRT backup images saved to a PureDisk or MSDP De-dupe pool, nblbc.exe causes an application fault on the Exchange client.

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During browse of Exchange GRT backup images saved to a PureDisk (PD) or MSDP De-dupe pool, bpdbm times out after 5 minutes and prevents nblbc.exe on the Exchange client from connecting back to bpdbm.

Error Message

On the Exchange client a Pop Up message may appear with the error: "Database System error 220" or the browse session may hang until killed. 

In addition, nblbc may cause an Exception in:



The final lines logged in the ncflbc log are:

An Exception of type [FileWriteException] has occured at:
  Module: @(#) $Source: src/ncf/tfi/lib/TransporterConsole.cpp,v $ $Revision:
1.38 $, Function: TransporterConsole::write(), Line: 216


The following error may be seen in the bprd log on the Master:

12:32:53.292 [29352] <2> fileslist: unexpected return value from
db_FLISTreceive: database system error 220

which is then echoed in the bpdbm log:

12:32:53.292 [29353] <2> process_request: request complete: exit status 220
database system error; query type: 79


While nblbc.exe on the Exchange client is enumerating objects for restore, bpdbm on the Master closes the socket nblbc.exe should write back to after 5 minutes of inactivity due to a hardcoded timeout.

When nblbc.exe attempts to connect back to write to bpdbm, the socket is closed and nblbc.exe causes an exception in function:Tfi::TransporterConsole::write.



The formal resolution to this issue (Etrack 2518111) is included in the following release:

  • NetBackup 7.1 Maintenance Release 3 (

More information on NetBackup is available from the Related Article linked below.

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