How to move a separately created Deduplication Storage database from a volume to the Deduplication Storage Folder volume

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In Backup Exec 2010, there was a provision to keep the Deduplication storage database separately to another drive or path, but later it was found that this could cause some issues. Example: if particular volume which has the Database runs out of space before the Deduplication Storage Folder itself, then deduplication storage may get interrupted and may not work normally.  Relocating the Deduplication databases from other location into the Deduplication Storage Folder itself can resolve such issues. Later in Backup Exec 2010 R2, fresh installation will install Database  and Deduplication storage folder on same location.



When Backup Exec checks if there is enough space available for the Deduplication Storage Folder, it has to verify that the volume containing the Deduplication Storage Folder database has enough space for database maintenance operations.  This can sometimes cause the Deduplication Storage Folder to show up as low on disk space when there is still plenty of room available for the data itself.

Note:  As of the Backup Exec 2010 R2 and R3 releases, by design the database is always co-located with  the Deduplication Storage Folder.  This only affects systems where the Deduplication Storage Folder was created with an earlier version of Backup Exec.


Situation where Deduplication database is located on another drive and it is running out of disk space, then such Deduplication database can be moved to Deduplication storage location itsef, which should have enough free space. Here are the steps on how to move the Deduplication database:

  • Launch Backup Exec 2010 R3 Administration console and click on Devices tab.
  • Right click the Deduplication Storage Folder and select Properties.  Note the properties of the Deduplication Storage Folder for use when recreating the Deduplication Storage Folder.
  • Right click the Deduplication Storage Folder and select the Delete option.  This only removes the folder from the UI.

NOTE: Jobs using the Deduplication Storage Folder as the destination device will need to be updated with a new device target. This can be done during the deletion of the Deduplication Storage Folder OR manually from the Job Setup tab.

  • Stop Backup Exec Services using the Tools/Services menu option.

NOTE: After the removal of the Deduplication Storage Folder, the Backup Exec Deduplication services should appear to be stopped and set to manual.

  • Relocate the Deduplication Storage databases to the Deduplication Storage Folder.  For example, if the Database path in the UI was listed as c:\storagedb\database and the Deduplication Storage Folder path was listed as d:\storage, then c:\storagedb\database would need to be copied to the d:\storage\database directory.
  • Once the database is copied to another drive, spa.cfg file needs to be edited, but before doing that make a backup copy of this file, and then edit the spa.cfg file and change the StorageDatabase path to the new location.  Following the above example, the spa.cfg file is located in d:\storage\etc\puredisk\spa.cfg.
  • For example, change:




  • Restart Backup Exec Services and launch Backup Exec 2010 R3 Administration console.
  • Go to Devices tab, right click on the Media Server name, select New Deduplication Storage Folder.
  • Use the same information that was saved from the Properties of the Deduplication Storage Folder earlier. Note that the UI does not allow entry of the Database path.
  • Click OK to start the Deduplication Storage Folder recreation process.

NOTE: Time to completion will be affected by the number of files in the Deduplication Storage Folder.

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