How to upgrade VERITAS Database Edition packages


How to upgrade VERITAS Database Edition packages


Perform the following steps as root:

1. Mount the CDROM or go into the directory that contains the downloaded VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) 3.x packages.

2. Change into the scripts directory

3. Run the following command to unencapsulate the root disk:
(It is highly recommended that this command be run even if the root disk is not encapsulated.)
# ./upgrade_start

NOTE: If any error messages are encountered during the upgrade_start process, run the upgrade_finish script immediately to restore the system. Examine the error messages and correct them accordingly. Then, run the upgrade_start script again. Do not proceed until all the errors have been rectified.

4. Boot the system to single-user mode using init 0. Type boot -s at the ok OpenBoot prompt.

5. If the system has a separate /opt file system make sure it is mounted before proceeding with the installation. When the system is in single user mode /opt is not normally mounted.

6. Run the installDBED program.
If using downloaded software, from the / directory, enter:
# ./installDBED

If the CD is mounted with Solaris volume management, enter:
# /cdrom/dbed_oracle_3_0_solaris/installDBED


If the CD is mounted without Solaris volume management, enter:
# /mnt/installDBED

Depending on the existing configuration, various messages and prompts may appear. Answer the prompts appropriately.

NOTE: If not intending to view or print the online documentation then omit the VRTSordoc, VRTSfsdoc, and VRTSvmdoc packages.

7. Complete the upgrade by running the following command (This will re-encapsulate the root disk)
# ./upgrade_finish

NOTE: If any error messages are encountered during the upgrade_finish process, examine and correct them accordingly.

8. Reboot the machine to multiuser mode (using a command such as shutdown). At this point, the pre-upgrade configuration should be in effect and any file systems previously defined on volumes should be defined and mounted.

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