NetBackup 7.1 upgrade from NetBackup 6.5.x and OpenStorage technologies (OST) being used with UNIX Media servers.


After performing an upgrade to NetBackup 7.x, it may be required to re-install the OST plugin software.

Error Message

There can be a variety of errors experienced if the plugin software is not re-installed.  These can range from a status 213 Storage unit not available and 2074 disk pool not available.


The requirement of a 64 bit plugin software is required to work with the 64 bit release of NetBackup.


Please install the latest plugin software from your hardware provider.  This should be ran after the installation/upgrade of the NetBackup software.  Please contact your OST vendor for their latest plugin software.

Applies To

The UNIX versions of NetBackup release 6.5.x was a 32 bit version of the application.  The 7.x release of the application is only a 64 bit version for the UNIX platforms.  The OST partners therefore have had to release a 64 bit verision of their plugin software.  The Windows release of NetBackup 7.x is the only version of the application that is available in a 32 bit release.

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