Redirected Virtual Machine restore fails with Unable to create the virtual machine


Redirected Virtual Machine restore to an ESXi server fails with:

Error Message

0xe000957e -  V-79-57344-38270
Unable to create the new virtual machine

Connection to the restore target has been lost. Operation canceled

Beremote Debug Log Shows Below error:

[fsys\vmvcb] - SymVmTools: CreateVm: SYM_VMC_ERROR: SOAP_ERROR

[fsys\vmvcb] - SymVmTools: SOAP 1.1 fault: "":ServerFaultCode [no subcode]


Detail: <RestrictedVersionFault xmlns="urn:vim25" xsi:type="RestrictedVersion"></RestrictedVersionFault>



This error may occur because the target ESXi system does not have the required vStorage Licence. 



A vSphere Standard license is required to protect the ESXi hosted guest systems.

Note: All free versions of ESXi (3.5i and 4i) require a minimum license from VMware in order to be protected by Backup Exec. This is due to the lack of vStorage API for Data Protection support in the free unlicensed versions of ESXi and is a current limitation of VMware.

For additional information on 3rd party compatibility, please use the following link: - Software Compatibility List

As a workaround, restore the data to another ESXi system with the required license or restore back to the original server.


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