Attachment creation date may not indexed properly if the attachment is an .MSG


During indexing, the creation date of attachments is stored in the "date" index attribute.  For attached embedded messages (.MSG attachments), the system fails to read the creation date properly and falls back to current date (archived date) of the item.  

This problem is more likely to be noticed for archives that have "Attachment level granularity" index schema, as the attachments are displayed as individual items in the index.  This is the default index schema for mailbox archives in version 9 and below. 

Error Message

Dtrace of StorageCrawler shows:

(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:L {CIndexableItemBuilderV2::BuildDateAttribute} (Entry)
(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:L {CMAPIMsgTraverser::GetMsgProperty} (Entry)
(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:L {CMAPIMsgTraverser::GetMsgProperty} (Entry)
(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:L {CMAPIMsgTraverser::GetMsgType} (Entry)
(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:M Original Message Class found: IPM.Note
(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:L {CMAPIMsgTraverser::GetMsgType} (Exit) Status: [Success]
(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:H {CMAPIMsgTraverser::GetMsgProperty} (Exit) Status: [Unspecified error  (0x80004005)]
(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:H {CMAPIMsgTraverser::GetMsgProperty} (Exit) Status: [Unspecified error  (0x80004005)]
(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:L {CIndexableItemBuilderV2::BuildDateAttribute}|Error fetching Date property|AttachmentID: 1|Callback Status: Unspecified error  (0x80004005)
(StorageCrawler) <3784> EV:L {CIndexableItemBuilderV2::BuildDateAttribute} (Exit) Status: [Success]


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 - Release Details

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