Delegated Invitation notices are poison pilled when processed by the Domino Journal Task.

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(Delegated) Invitation Notices where delegator and delegee are in different time zones are poison pilled by the EVLotusDominoJournal Task.

Error Message

Event ID: 41206 There was an error processing an item in a database. The task will process the item again on the next archiving run.|Task: Domino Journaling Task|Database: Domino-1/sym!!symantec\mailjrn.nsf|NoteID: 354346|Subject: Invitation (Delegated): FW: Webcast By First User

Event ID: 41058 The following item has failed processing 3 times and will not be processed again:|Subject: Invitation (Delegated): Team Meeting NoteId: 35434a|Database: Domino-1/sym!!symantec\mailjrn.nsf

Dtrace will show the following lines: (Notice how the time appears to be off or in a format that is not recognizable.)

[12120] (EvLotusDominoJournalTask) <12796> EV:M  EVNoteStream::GetNoteCreatedDate - created date is [12-11-15023, 65533:65526:65481.65256]
[12120] (EvLotusDominoJournalTask) <12796> EV:M  CBinaryDominoSaveset::GetProperty - unable to convert SYSTEMTIME
[12120] (EvLotusDominoJournalTask) <12796> EV:H  CBinaryDominoSaveset::GetProperty _com_error exception. hr=Unspecified error (0x80004005)




This issue has been verified when the document is a (Delegated) Invitation where the delegator and delegatee are in different time zones and the item is an iCalendar item. The root cause of the issue is a slight corruption of the Universal Note ID (UNID) preventing the Created date of the document from being properly display or displayed at all.

This can be verified by viewing the document with NotesPeek.


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 - Release Details

Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 - Release Details



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