MMS jobs will not show up on CASO server 'job setup' tab or in job monitor.


In a CASO environment on the MMS (Managed Media Server) media server the jobs that were created locally on the MMS are NOT showing up on the CAS(Central Admin Server)in the 'Job Setup' Tab. 

Typically on the CAS media server 'Job setup' tab you would see the Media Server's Local Jobs and the jobs created on the MMS. If you go to the MMS and open the policy and resubmitted it or just click Ok it will show on the CAS. 

If you run a MMS job locally that is not showing up on the CAS
server 'Job setup' tab it will run on the MMS. No information will be displayed
on the 'Job setup' or 'Job monitor' tab when job is active.  Once the MMS job
completes it will show up in the job history on the CAS along with the job log.

Letting the MMS and CAS idle for a few hours the MMS jobs may start appearing on
the CAS in the 'Job setup' tab. If the services are restarted the MMS server jobs will vanish from CAS
'job setup' tab. 


The jobview messages are too large to send to CAS from the MMS.


This issues is now resolved in Backup Exec 2010 R3  







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