CommandCentral Storage Hotfix ccs-win-5.2RU2HF520022407264w1 - For online storage report Total Online Storage shows the storage, but under Total Unified storage same NAS is zero.


Online Storage Capacity Summary report under Total Online Storage shows NAS storage amount, but under Total Unified Storage same NAS is zero.


A GUI and Reports HotFix (VRTSccs-F520022407264) for CommandCentral Storage 5.2RU2 Windows Management Server which is available for download at the Symantec SORT Web site.

- Release Date: 2011-Sept-05
- Etrack Incident: 2516654
- HotFix Name:
- OS: 32 and 64bit versions of Windows 2000 Server,  Windows 2003 Server,  Windows 2008 Server

SORT Download Location:

Errors/Problems Fixed:

For online storage report Total Online Storage shows the storage,  but under Total Unified storage same NAS is zero

Install/Uninstall Instructions:
Instructions to apply the hotfix

A - Overview of the HotFix

Apply the HotFix (VRTSccs-F520022407264) on CommandCentral Storage 5.2RU2 Windows Management Server.

Supported operating systems include:

Windows Server 2000,  2003,  and 2008

B - Deploying the HotFix on a Windows Management Server

The examples in the following procedure assume that you installed
CommandCentral on a 32-bit host in the default installation directory.

1. Copy to a temporary location. For
    example, to C:\Temp

2. After extracting the hotfix,     the below two files will be available.
    - patches
    - patches\VRTSccs-F520022407264.tar.gz
    - README  (this file)

3. To apply the update,     do the following:

   - Open an operating system console.
   - Change to the HAL bin directory:
       C:\Program Files\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage\HAL\bin;

   - Type the following command to deploy the update on the Management Server:
       <HAL bin dir>\perl "C:\Temp\patches\VRTSccs-F520022407264.tar.gz"

4. To verify the installation,  you can check the installation logs as follows:

   - To see the detailed logs,  go to the 'CommandCentral Storage Data'
     The default location is:
       C:\Program Files\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage Data\Data\HAL\maint;

       cd <HAL data dir>\Data\HAL\maint\VRTSccs-F520022407264\<timestamp>\output;
     For example:

       cd C:\Program Files\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage Data\Data\HAL\maint\
       VRTSccs-F520022407264\<time stamp>\output;

   - Check if there are any errors in the stderr.txt file.
   - Check the detailed logs of the hotfix application in the stdout.txt file.

5. Verify the updated version as follows:
   - Open cc_version.txt from the following directory:
     C:\Program Files\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage\Version\cc_version.txt;

   - Check the FIXID. It should appear as follows:

      DATE=Tue Aug 30 17:37:39 2011
      DESCRIPTION=CommandCentral Storage 5.2RU2 Management Server GUI and Database HotFix#1

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