v-106-58644-673 Failed to authenticate credentials error is received when trying to bring the RVGPrimary resource online within a Veritas Cluster

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When attempting to failover, or bring online a Veritas Global Cluster, the RVGPrimary resource within the cluster's Service Group will fault, preventing the cluster from coming online.

The error can be seen in the Cluster Manager Console (Java GUI), or in the RVGPrimary_A.txt log file in the cluster logs.

Error Message




Failed to authenticate credentials. Please make sure the vxsas service is running.


When setting up Veritas Volume Replication, one of the steps required is to run the Symantec Security Service wizard. This wizard sets up communication for authentication between the nodes that will share replication. This step is done for those environments using Replication as part of a cluster, or for standalone purposes; however, this issue is only seen in Global Cluster configurations.

This error is typically caused when the Symantec Security Service has not been re-ran in order to change the information for the credentials the account has been using.


Go to Start > Programs > Veritas > Storage Foundation for Windows> Configuration Tools> Security Service Wizard

Complete the wizard using the new credentials, and inserting the name of each server that will be used as part of the current replication configuration.

Bring the RVGPrimary resource online with the rest of the cluster.


Applies To

This only affects Global Clusters with establish Veritas Volume Replication enabled as part of the cluster.

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