How to rename the disk group name in ABE to the old rootdg

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The disk group name containing ABE (Alternative Boot Environment) disk is called something other than preferred name rootdg


Although the rootdg is no longer compulsory for VxVM to function for VxVM (Veritas Volume Manager) versions 4.x or later some users still prefer to name the disk group with encapsulated boot disk rootdg.

To make the disk group holding OS partitions in ABE to the old name rootdg, implement the procedures below.

1. If a particular disk group needs to be renamed as rootdg, make sure the rootdg name is not been used.  If rootdg is being used, rename it to something else (with vxdg -n command.  see vxdg command man page for the command syntax details)

2. disable the current encapsulation by performing the steps a, b and c in step 3 in this article (  Reboot the server. the server will come up on Solaris slices without VxVM started.  You can rename the disk group name by running vxdg command.

3. run the commands below to ensure that the alias set for bootdg is correct.

#vxdg bootdg

If not correct, run

#vxdctl bootdg <dg_name>

to set it correct

4. vi /etc/vfstab file to make sure that the file contains the correct disk group name as part of the file system device path.

5. revert the changes made in step 2 above back to re-enable boot disk encapsulation.

6. reboot the server up off of ABE




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