DOCUMENTATION: Issues resolved in the bundle for MSDP included in Etrack 2412409


This article defines the content of the EEB bundle ET2412409 version 3 for NetBackup, all of which is included in NetBackup 

These issues are also resolved in a bundle for the NetBackup 5200/5220 appliance version 2.0 (all fixes in version 2.0.1).

* ET2380298 - AIR jobs are failing to replicate to Remote Master Server, job ends with a Status 8

An image path could cause AIR jobs to fail if the path was to long. The length of the path is related
to the length of the policy name and client name.

* ET2382948 - Client side-dedup backups fail with status 14 " error 2060057: OpenStorage Proxy Plugin Error"

During a Windows Client backup the stream handler could fail to properly handle unusual circumstances, causing
the backup to fail.

* ET2399186 - CPU's maxed by multiple SELECT against the pddo dsid. Causes NetBackup pddo diskvolume to go to down state frequently.

In environments with high loads on the MSDP servers the disk volume could intermittently go down. To reduce the load certain
operations have improved their efficiency.

* ET2399191 - optdup fails w/status 84, 'error 2060017 system call failed' on CAreplicateFiles 108 (invalid server reply)

While performing optimized duplications between MSDP and the 5020 appliance some requests were not formed correctly.

* ET2399288 - Synthetic backups fail to duplicate to tape with status 85 "media read error"; unrecoverable crypto error

Synthetic backups created with NBU 7.0 could fail to duplicate or restore at later NBU releases. The is restorable with
an EEB or fixed NBU releases.

* ET2399297 - NBU 7.1 msdp optdup hangs 99% till 12 hours pass, then fails status 84

An unnecessary timeout prevented the duplication jobs from running longer than 12 hours.

* ET2400646 - PDDO configurable web service call retries

In environments of high load, failed webservice calls could cause a job failure. Retrying of these calls allows
for success if the failure is only temporary.

* ET2401906 - NBU Image Cleanup fails with status code 174 when the DO FP of the fragment's .info file is marked corrupt by recoverCR execution

In environments where a recoverCR execution has occurred and .info files were marked as corrupt, the image clean up of these images may fail.

* ET2402227 - opt-dup bandwidth is not getting honoured after opt-dup is cancelled it continues to run while another opt-dup kicks off.

If the client OST process (bpdm) unexpectedly failed, the requested optimized duplication task within MSDP would continue to run.
In environments where bandwidth limitation was implemented by limiting the number of jobs, this would cause that bandwidth limit to be exceeded.

* ET2407058 - Optimized duplications failing intermittently with status 83 and status 213

During times of high load configuration files would be repeatedly recreated. This would further increase the load created by subsequent requests.

* ET2409502 - Data Loss: When the Content Router is restarted, segments smaller than 14 bytes are not loaded into the cache;

If the content router cache was not loaded properly data loss would result. The content router cache is not loaded properly and
additional checks were added to report and fail if unknown issues arise.

* ET2414741 - Replication of image with huge fragments failed with 84 & was never successful

When replicating images with many fragments, request sizes may exceed the allowable size.
The request is now made with a method that allows much larger data sizes to be transferred.

* ET2480392 - bpstsinfo can crash due to deference of NULL pointer in open server handle.

Fixes introduced into revision 1 and 2 of this bundle contained a possible crash in bpstsinfo. If an environment is not seeing this
issue, it is unlikely to begin occuring.

* ET2437246 - Optimized duplications of VMware clients where VM name contains a space fail status 83 "image open failed: error 2060018: file not found"

VMware backups based on display name can fail if characters in the display name are outside the standard DNS allowabled characters (LDH rule - letters, digits, hyphen)  The encoding scheme used by NetBackup's VMware backups matched the encoding scheme used by PureDisk. This resulted in incorrect entires in the PureDisk metabase, which causes the job to fail. If your environment is affected by this issue, a PureDisk change is also required to fully realize the correct behaviour.


Note: All of the fixes listed above are included in the following releases:

  • NetBackup 7.1 Maintenance Release 2 (
  • NetBackup 5200/5220 Appliance 2.0.1

These releases are available for download using the links listed below under Related Articles.



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