EVEARemovalUtility - a utility for removing the extended attributes from files so that Enterprise Vault FSA can create placeholders for them

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Enterprise Vault File System Archiving (FSA) cannot create placeholder shortcuts on NTFS file systems for files with extended attributes. Enterprise Vault can archive the files, but placeholder creation fails due to a Microsoft limitation. Placeholders use reparse points, which cannot contain extended attributes.


Use EVEARemovalUtility to remove the extended attributes from the files. If placeholder creation previously failed, the removal of the extended attributes allows Enterprise Vault to create the placeholders on the next archiving run.

For versions of Enterprise Vault before Enterprise Vault 10.0, download the utility from this page. Follow the instructions in the PDF document to install and use the utility.

Caution: Do not overwrite any files when installing the utility and its associated files. Follow the installation instructions in the PDF.

Note: From Enterprise Vault 10.0 onwards the utility is preinstalled with Enterprise Vault. You do not need to download the utility from here. See the chapter on EVEARemovalUtility in the Enterprise Vault 10.0 Utilities guide.




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