HOW TO: Device Tree clenup on Solaris


Multiple entried of same disk.


# powercf -q
# powermt config
(Only if Powerpath is configured)
These two steps focus on cleaning up the Powerpath configuration -- claiming newly added devices and eliminating outdated entries from the PP configuration, as well as updating current entries to reflect updated information.

# mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/
# mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/
# rm /dev/vx/dmp/*
# rm /dev/vx/rdmp/*

These steps focus on clearing Volume Manager device knowledge. and retain flat information regarding observed devices and arrays, and will match them up with preconfigured names based on their serial numbers.

Removing the /dev/vx/*dmp/* entries clears the on-disk record of Volume Manager devices. This is essential when rebuilding the VM in-core DMP tree as vxconfigd will attempt to base it's performance off this information if it exists, instead of a cold-query rebuild.

This procedure is incomplete though because erroneous entries can be locked into the kernel portion of the VM DMP tree, in which case the above steps + a reboot are required.

# rm /dev/dsk/*
# rm /dev/rdsk/*
# devfsadm -Cv

These commands then clear the OS level device tree and force Solaris to rebuild its own device tree. This resets the foundation for VM to scan and query on rebuild.

# vxdctl enable
# vxconfigd -k

These commands are duplicative to a degree and I would have preferred to simply do a vxconfigd restart. The vxdctl enable forces a device scan, while vxconfigd restart will also do a device scan (unloading and loading back into memory in the process).

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