Enterprise Vault (EV) File System Archiving report incorrectly reports "Event ID: 40976 The file system volume \\?\UNC\server.domain.local\share has no Archive points associated. No items will be archived for this volume"

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In some circumstances the scheduled archiving report log incorrectly reports that no Archive Points exist for some Volume targets. The Enterprise Vault Event Viewer shows the corresponding Event ID 40976 also incorrectly reporting that the volume has no Archive Points associated. In certain cases this Warning is incorrect and can mislead Administrators to think that the Archive Point has to be recreated. There is a high risk of creating duplicate Archives if the Archive Point is recreated by means other than using FSAUtility.


Error Message

The file system volume \\?\UNC\server.domain.local\share has no Archive points associated. No items will be archived for this volume.


When the Task restarts according to the schedule for targets that have not been fully processed on the previous run, the checkpoint resumes the processing from the last processed Volume/Folder. Once the information stored within the checkpoint is evaluated, if some Volumes have already been fully walked or processed in the previous run, these will not be checked for Archive Points until the Task completes processing all remaining Volume targets. As a result the incorrect warning will be reported in the report log and Event Viewer.


In most circumstances this warning can be ignored and the Archive Point should not be recreated. It is important to note that for any Archive Point that is being recreated, ONLY FSAUtility.exe should be used for this purpose. If the Archive Point is recreated by re-adding the target in the VAC or by using ArchivePoints.exe utility, a new Archive will be created resulting in a duplicate.

There are currently no tools to facilitate the merging of duplicate FSA Archives therefore caution is recommended when dealing with Archive Points.

As an alternative to prevent the misleading Warnings, it is possible to create multiple Archiving Tasks assigning each Volume a dedicated Task. This workaround would only effectively prevent the Warnings if the entire Volume target content can be processed within a single scheduled run, therefore rendering the checkpoint feature unnecessary.


This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 - Release Details

Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 - Release Details


Applies To

In order for this issue to occur certain conditions need to be met as follows:

  • The File System Archiving Task has more than one Volume target
  • The effective schedule window for the Archiving Task is not long enough to fully process all targets assigned to the Task in one run

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