Unable to add a user within the CommandCentral UI

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Unable to add a new user within the CommandCentral UI. All the steps are followed within the UI to set up the new user with regards username, password and type of user, eg: Administrator. The task is executed but fails with an errorĀ in the UI

Error Message

Seen in the CCS UI:

vrtsAzConnectionOpen failed: vssaz_err 3013 (V-0-3-999)


vrtsaz is possibly not running:

check vrtsaz:

# /opt/VRTSaz/bin/vrtsaz -state

vxazd is in ready state <--- should say this.

If it is not running, a similar message may be displayed:

# /opt/VRTSaz/bin/vrtsaz -state

Failed to contact server: [hostname:4032]. rmmerr 3042


Start the az service as follows:

# /etc/init.d/vxccs start vxaz

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