ERROR: VXFEN vxfenconfig ERROR V-11-2-1125 Error in opening file: /etc/vxfentab

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I/O Fencing unable to start due to configuration error preventing VCS (had) from starting

(includes example of configuration)

Error Message

A manual attempt to start I/O fencing results in the error:


svxgpor10dv01:/# vxfenconfig -c
Log Buffer: 0xffffffffc090a090
VXFEN vxfenconfig NOTICE Driver will use SCSI-3 compliant disks.
VXFEN vxfenconfig ERROR V-11-2-1125 Error in opening file: /etc/vxfentab



Typically the file /etc/vxfendg does not exist on one or more nodes of the cluster.


In the following example, I/O fencing configuration is shown  (3 disks are used).

- location of configuration file


# ls -l /etc/vxfendg
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root           8 Aug 23  2010 /etc/vxfendg


- contents of configuration file (name of diskgroup containing I/O fencing coordinator disks)


# cat /etc/vxfendg
vxfendg- disks in the fencing disk group


- disks contained in diskgroup


# vxdisk -eo alldgs list|grep vxfendg
sun35100_3   auto:cdsdisk   -   (vxfendg)   online               c2t266000C0FFE04C1Ed11s2 -
sun35100_6   auto:cdsdisk   -   (vxfendg)   online               c2t266000C0FFE04C1Ed14s2 -
sun35100_11  auto:cdsdisk   -  (vxfendg)   online              c2t266000C0FFE04C1Ed19s2 -

- additional configuiration file that is created when fencing is started

(typically when system is booted)


# cat /etc/vxfentab
# /etc/vxfentab:
# DO NOT MODIFY this file as it is generated by the
# VXFEN rc script from the file /etc/vxfendg.


Create /etc/vxfendg file containing the name of the diskgroup containing the coordinator disks


EXAMPLE (based on example above)


# echo "vxfendg" > /etc/vxfendg

Applies To

This is a generic VCS related issue and will be seen on all recent/current versions of VCS on all supported Unix platforms

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