NetBackup 5000/5020 Appliance Patch (requires or to be installed)

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NetBackup 5000/5020 Appliance Patch (requires or to be installed)


 Name: NBU5020_1.3.0.2b
Date: August 12, 2011

This patch update fixes all issues noted in the Release Notes, in addition to the following issue:

ETrack  2496824: Upgrade failed at setting system mode step due to a timeout starting PD services  
See TECH166837 for further detail.




This patch provides features and fixes to the Veritas NetBackup

Deduplication Appliance software version



For the most recent detailed information about the Deduplication Appliance

Software version, refer to the following site:



The Deduplication Appliance Software version Release notes file on

the Web site noted above contains the following information:


* Prerequisites

* Product fixes

* Known data loss issues

* Known issues

* Related articles

* Optimized duplication compatibility levels

* Upgrade process overview

* Download and installation instructions

* About checkpoints

* Committing patches

* Manually upgrade stand alone appliance for addition to previously

  upgraded storage pool

* Rollback instructions

* Recovering from an upgrade failure

* Upgrading Deduplication agents on media server clients


Refer to the Release Notes for complete details.






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