MAC OS 10.6.4 and Outlook 2011 is unable to manually archive by folder

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Manual archiving of folders and subfolders fails with “Unable to get folder properties for selected items.”

Manual archiving for email items is not affected and works correctly.

Error Message

“Unable to get folder properties for selected items.”


Change of behavior in Outlook 2011 for MAC



A workaround can be applied to successfully perform folder level archiving, Steps :

1.            Unselect any email selected inside the folder. This can be done by clicking on the empty space in the folder pane. See screenshot below.
2.            Select the folder you want to archive.
3.            Click on store from the Enterprise Vault toolbar.
4.            Select “ok” on the pop-up asking for archiving sub-folders


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.3

Applies To

MAC OS 10.6.4 and Outlook 2011. Enterprise Vault 10

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