Maintanence Release provides fixes for NetBackup (tm) Enterprise Server / Server 7.1 on OpenVMS Clients

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   August 22, 2011

   The NetBackup OpenVMS Client


This Maintanence Release requires NetBackup 7.1 or higher be installed before applying.



   The NetBackup OpenVMS client  release  update

   is  now available for HP Integrity (IA64), Alpha (AXP) and VAX












   -- There are no pack dependencies for this release.




   III. MD5SUM's








   This  release contains the following new features, changes and



   1. Support for 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.1, and master and

   media servers.


   2.  Support for OpenVMS 8.4 on HP Integrity and Alpha systems.


   3. This release corrects a client (LEF wait) hang on incremen-

   tal  backups  which  backup  little or no data.  This includes

   checkpoint enabled and disabled backups.


   4. This release correctly supports the NBU BACKUP/SINCE=BACKUP

   backup qualifier and keyword. Only files which have been modi-

   fied since the last backup date-and-time are now backed up.


   5. The NBU BACKUP/RECORD qualifier will now update the  backup

   date-and-time  of  all  backed up files with the start time of

   the backup.  A DCL DIR/FULL will now show the same backup time

   for  all  files  backed  up  in the same backup.  The revision

   date-and-time is now preserved.


   6. This release corrects a regression error  on  the  NBU  RE-

   STORE/LOG command which completes the restore successfully but

   hangs when reporting the server completion status.


   7. The NBU command line utility in this release correctly  re-

   ports  any  failure  to  connect to a client or server (or any

   breakdown in communication between the client and  server)  as

   an error status to DCL command procedures.


   8.  This release includes md5sum executables which can be used

   to check the md5sum of any file or files of  a  wildcard  file

   specification.  The md5sum command can check the validity of a

   CD/DVD ISO or release update download.  For example, the  Net-

   Backup  7.1  OpenVMS  client  install  ISO  has  the following



   $ md5sum NetBackup_71_OpenVMS.iso

   81d6fb2b4032e8fc1baddfb94211d055  NetBackup_71_OpenVMS.iso;1



   See section 5 of the installation instructions below.


   9. This release will only backup the data used in a file,  in-

   stead of the entire file allocation.  For devices with a large

   cluster size and a large number of small  files  this  release

   should improve backup performance.


   10. This release will report a successful backup, instead of a

   partially successful backup, for backup  selections  where  no

   files are found.


   11. This release corrects an error on checkpoint enabled back-

   ups which hang and eventually fail.


   12. In addition to the above, this release  will  resume  sus-

   pended checkpoint enabled backups correctly.


   13.  The  NBU  backup and restore commands now both ask for an

   omitted backup or restore file  specification.   For  example,

   the  NBU restore command now asks for an omitted file specifi-



   $ nbu restore



   in the same way as the backup command:


   $ nbu backup



   The typed response is added to the original command  line  and

   can include qualifiers and values.


   14.  This release will not allow the length of the disk backup

   AST QIO request queue to grow larger than the  current  TCP/IP

   AST stack queue performance.  This prevents the backup process

   (even with very large astlm and biolm quotas)  from  consuming

   the entire systems resources.


   15. Support for the BPCD_GET_CHARSET_RQST server request.


   16.  The  server  "EMM  status:  disk  volume resource request

   failed (status 800)" status is now  reported  to  DCL  command

   procedures  as an error status (and not a success). New system

   message files have been provided for HP Integrity,  Alpha  and

   VAX systems.


   17.  This release corrects an error where the NBU> BACKUP com-

   mand /SERVER=name qualifier truncates the server name to three



   18.  File name entries within a directory contain a pointer to

   the file-header, which contains the file attributes.   Entries

   without a file-header pointer can be listed. For example, with

   the $ DIRECTORY command, but their file attributes cannot; nor

   can  such files be opened.  The $ ANALYZE/DISK device: command

   will show all such files on a device.


   This release corrects a potential infinite loop  on  a  backup

   when processing such directory entries, where the same file is

   continuously reported as not found; specifically,  the  status



   19  OpenVMS cluster nodes which share a common bootable system

   disk also share a common  bp.conf  (NBU$CONFIG)  configuration

   file.   In  such  a  case  it  is  not  possible  to  set  the

   CLIENT_NAME (in the bp.conf file) for an individual node.


   This release supports the NBU$CLIENT_NAME logical  name  which

   can be defined to the client name of an individual node.


   20.  Indirect  backup  lists  can  be specified by preceding a

   backup file specification with the at sign (@) character.   In

   which case, the contents of the file are used to backup a list

   of backup file specifications.


   Indirect backup lists can be specified in a policy backup  se-

   lections  list,  recursively in an indirect backup list, or as

   an NBU> command line backup file specification. For example:


   NBU> backup/log @file_list.lis/ignore=(inter,noback)


   which will use the contents of  the  file  "file_list.lis"  to

   backup  a  list of backup file specifications.  Backup command

   line qualifiers are applied to all backup file  specifications

   in an indirect backup file list.


   21. Support for all server admin bptestbpcd command client re-

   quest codes.


   22. This release queues backup data to the TCP/IP stack  asyn-

   chronously.  This  means,  that client backup data send()'s to

   the media server nolonger block - they are  simply  queued  as

   AST QIO requests.  This keeps the TCP/IP stack busy and allows

   the client to spend more  time  processing  the  file  system.

   This should improve backup performance.


   The  length  of  the AST QIO queue is limited by the biolm and

   astlm quotas (whichever is lower).  The astlm should be  equal

   to or greater than the biolm quota.


   23.  Support  for  the  /PROGRESS  qualifier  which  shows the

   progress of a backup or restore most  clearly  when  specified

   without the /LOG qualifier. For example:


   NBU> backup/prog dka100:[000000...]

   %NBU-I-CONNECT, from titan (,49156) to omega (,13720)

   %NBU-I-BACKBID, titan_1276267802 11-JUN-2010 09:50:02

   %NBU-I-BKFSPEC, dka100:[000000...]*.*;*/PROGRESS

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,   2.9 GB (5702104 blocks) in 0 00:01:00 secs (48657.95 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,   5.9 GB (11628027 blocks) in 0 00:02:00 secs (49612.92 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,   9.3 GB (18220698 blocks) in 0 00:03:00 secs (51827.76 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,  12.5 GB (24458649 blocks) in 0 00:04:00 secs (52178.45 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,  15.8 GB (30956497 blocks) in 0 00:05:00 secs (52832.42 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,  19.2 GB (37579376 blocks) in 0 00:06:00 secs (53446.22 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,  21.4 GB (41921996 blocks) in 0 00:07:00 secs (51104.91 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,  23.5 GB (46029030 blocks) in 0 00:08:00 secs (49097.63 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,  26.2 GB (51184597 blocks) in 0 00:09:07 secs (47909.53 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,  27.6 GB (54016640 blocks) in 0 00:10:07 secs (45562.64 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-PROGRES,  29.8 GB (58349324 blocks) in 0 00:11:07 secs (44789.89 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-NETWORK,  30.3 GB (59293184 blocks) in 0 00:11:20 secs (44644.28 KB/sec)

   %NBU-I-ASTUSED, used 800 of 800 biolm quota (astlm 1600)

   %NBU-S-NETBACK, saved 87500 files (59293184 blocks)

   %NBU-S-SERVMSG, the requested operation was successfully completed (status 0)



   24. This release shows the ASTUSED usage (as shown above) on a

   backup or restore.  Both will try  and  use  as  much  of  the

   available  biolm  and  astlm quota as possible.  The available

   quota is most efficiently used when backing  up  or  restoring

   large  files.   Systems  which  consistently use their maximum

   quota may have the capacity to improve performance by increas-

   ing the available quota.


   25.  The NBU_HELP.BCK backup save-set contains an updated help

   library.  Set the save-set file attributes:




   extract the NBU.HLB library:


   $ backup/log nbu_help.bck/save []/new




   and copy it to the SYS$HELP: directory:


   $ cop nbu.hlb sys$help:




   Type the NBU> HELP command for help.








   There are no known issues with this release update.




   III. MD5SUM's



   525c117d07708524c5af12cf7dbc99bb  bpcd_axp.exe

   b12d7c2e56e45ac67fcc5fa8d3aede00  bpcd_i64.exe

   56ccffe90d488ebf16be0440a14cdec3  bpcd_vax.exe

   525c117d07708524c5af12cf7dbc99bb  nbu_axp.exe

   b12d7c2e56e45ac67fcc5fa8d3aede00  nbu_i64.exe

   56ccffe90d488ebf16be0440a14cdec3  nbu_vax.exe

   3a548a9097feaa36578c0ce3c58d1ad8  md5sum_axp.exe

   3e0fc4a3f75bb95a7b4c79dd7c2a2bab  md5sum_i64.exe

   5c55e3a5e4267c5fa6fbc134d8b5ac56  md5sum_vax.exe

   627cfe7ae0e0f739b00c3253b04bf8f9  nbuaxpmsg.exe

   c464ea2d068bf8f62fd2274491e37a31  nbui64msg.exe

   55abc9731dbd6ca35e1bd4284ba826c3  nbuvaxmsg.exe

   6bbbe7006fd27187cb4d45f254f6202f  nbu_help.bck

   81d3b40ebc2f9ec18cdb5eb210bcc6f6  nb_vms_71.pdf






   1. OpenVMS client release updates are available from Enterprise support:







   This release supports a very wide range of OpenVMS versions on

   different platforms including HP Integrity (IA64), Alpha (AXP)

   and VAX systems.


   Supported OpenVMS Versions


   System                     From             To


   HP Integrity (IA64)        8.2              8.4

   HP Alpha (AXP)             6.1              8.4

   VAX Systems                5.5              7.3




   1. OpenVMS client release updates are zip archives  which  can

   be  unzipped on OpenVMS or any other system.  The archive con-

   tains updates for HP Integrity (IA64), Alpha  (AXP)   and  VAX



   File Name        Platform


   BPCD_I64.EXE     HP Integrity (IA64) BPCD service executable

   BPCD_AXP.EXE     Alpha (AXP) BPCD service executable

   BPCD_VAX.EXE     VAX BPCD service executable

   NBU_I64.EXE      HP Integrity (IA64) command line executable

   NBU_AXP.EXE      Alpha (AXP) NBU command line executable

   NBU_VAX.EXE      VAX NBU command line executable



   2. Unzip the archive:


   $ unzip NB_VMS_7.1.0.2_<six digit number>.zip


       extracting: bpcd_i64.exe

       extracting: bpcd_axp.exe

       extracting: bpcd_vax.exe

       extracting: nbu_i64.exe

       extracting: nbu_axp.exe

       extracting: nbu_vax.exe




   3. And copy the executables for all platforms, or just the ex-

   ecutables for the current platform, to a new higher version in

   the netbackup directory:




   The  executables  for each platform have different names which

   represent the executable architecture, where  the  last  three

   characters are I64 for HP Integrity, AXP for Alpha and VAX for



   The NetBackup logicals names should already  be  defined,  for



   $ sh log nbu*




















   Define  the NBU symbol as a foreign command (include the lead-

   ing $ character):


   $ NBU :== $NBU$BPCD


   the NBU command will now run the current  NBU$BPCD  executable

   for your system.


   4. After you have installed the release update, check that the

   newly installed version of BPCD is the one that you  intended,

   type the NBU command:


   $ NBU

   NBU> sh vers

   %NBU-I-VERSION, Veritas NetBackup OpenVMS Client V7.1.0.2


   and show the client BPCD version


   NBU> sh client


   Patch Level:  



   The patch level and version should be the same.


   5.  Install  the  md5sum DCL command by copying the executable

   for your system to the sys$common:[sysexe] directory.


   For example, on a HP Integrity system copy the  MD5SUM_I64.EXE



   $ copy MD5SUM_I64.EXE sys$common:[sysexe]


   and define the MD5SUM symbol as a foreign command (include the

   leading $ character):


   $ md5sum :== $sys$common:[sysexe]md5sum_i64.exe


   The md5sum command can be used to  check  the  validity  of  a

   CD/DVD  download. For example, a download of the the NetBackup

   7.1 OpenVMS client install ISO shows the following md5sum:


   $ md5sum NetBackup_71_OpenVMS.iso

   81d6fb2b4032e8fc1baddfb94211d055  NetBackup_71_OpenVMS.iso;1



   6. The NetBackup User's Guide for OpenVMS, which  is  included

   in  this  download as a PDF document, contains a more detailed

   discussion of the OpenVMS client.




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