How to add Exchange 2010 to an existing Enterprise Vault environment

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Below is intended as a general checklist for steps in adding Exchange 2010 to be archived with Enterprise Vault.  For details on the individual steps, please review the Install and Configuration Guide of the currently installed version of Enterprise Vault and additional resources under Related Documents.


Setting up Exchange Mailbox Archiving for Exchange 2010

  1. Give the Vault Service Account (VSA) permissions to the Exchange 2010 environment.
    1. Refer to technote TECH76700.
    2. Do not add the VSA to any of the Exchange 2010 built in groups, Enterprise Administrators group or Domain Administrators group. It should only be in the Domain Users group.
    3. If the VSA has an existing mailbox (on an existing Exchange 2003/2007 server), make sure that you move the VSA mailbox to an Exchange 2010 server, and grant the necessary permissions (TECH76700) and throttling policy settings (000102737).
    4. The VSA mailbox must not be used as the system mailbox for any of the Enterprise Vault Exchange tasks.
  2. Create a new system mailbox on each Exchange 2010 mailbox server for each archiving task by referring to technote 000116550.
  3. To add the new Exchange Server(s) to the Vault Administrators Console (VAC), refer to the Admin Guide for the installed version on Enterprise Vault.

Setting up Journaling on Exchange 2010

  1. Setup a Journal Mailbox on each Exchange 2010 server and configure the Database(s) for Journaling.
  2. Refer to the Admin Guide on how to add a Exchange Journal target

    Note: For Enterprise Vault versions 9.0.x, 10.0.x and 11.0.x, do the following
    1. Add an Exchange Journaling task
    2. Add an Exchange Server journal mailbox as a target
    3. Starting the Journaling task

Refer to the respective Administrators Guides for the same



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