Timeout warning when retrieving migrated files


The following warning event is reported when attempting to retrieve a file that has previously been migrated to secondary storage using Enterprise Vault collection and migration feature:

Error Message

Event ID 20552 Error downloading file: ..., Url: ... Reason: The archived item is being retrieved from a slow or busy device and a timeout has occurred.

In Dtrace log the following error line can be seen:

Reason: The archived item is being retrieved from a slow or busy device and a timeout has occurred.      (0x80045048)]
<table class="msgText"> <tr> <td class="errorAlertIco"><img src="res://instant-message.dll/#10/#2415" /></td> <td class="boxedMessageText">It appears that you do not have JavaScript enabled, please contact your administrator.</td> </tr> </table>


This occurs when the time taken to retrieve the file exceeds the time specified in the setting User wait timeout, which is in vault store partition properties. In particular, this may occur when retrieving very large files.

User wait timeout specifies the number of seconds that Enterprise Vault users wait for migrated file retrieval requests before timing out. The default value is 40 seconds. The requested file remains in the retrieval queue. Retrying later can usually resolve the issue.

If these warnings are reported frequently, it may be because the backup storage devices are fully utilized performing backups or restores, or are slow to load or read, or both. In this case you may want to increase the timeout value. You can configure the User wait timeout setting on the Advanced tab of vault store partition properties.



This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0 - Release Details




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