DOCUMENTATION: How to troubleshoot problems with NB_dbsrv that prevent proper startup.


The NetBackup application cannot run properly without /usr/openv/db/bin/NB_dbsrv running.  This technical document explains items that should be reviewed in the event that NB_dbsrv does not start up properly.


Error Message

15:13:08.600 [18160] <4> nbdb_admin: Entering.
15:13:08.602 [18160] <4> nbdb_admin: ASANY = /usr/openv/db
15:13:08.602 [18160] <4> nbdb_admin: ASANY9 = /usr/openv/db
15:13:08.602 [18160] <4> nbdb_admin: LD_LIBRARY_PATH = /usr/openv/db/lib
15:13:08.602 [18160] <4> nbdb_admin: ASTMP = /usr/openv/tmp/sqlany
15:13:08.618 [18160] <4> startup_nb_databases: Starting up ASA locally on SERVER_NAME
15:13:13.700 [18160] <4> create_util_db_file: Creating /usr/openv/db/bin/util_db.ini
15:13:18.707 [18160] <16> startup_nb_databases: ODBC connection failed.
15:13:18.707 [18160] <16> startup_nb_databases: ErrMsg [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Database server not found, ErrCode -1, Sqlstate 08001
15:13:18.707 [18160] <4> startup_nb_databases: Removing /usr/openv/db/bin/util_db.ini
15:13:18.708 [18160] <16> nbdb_admin: Error starting NBDB.
15:13:18.710 [18160] <4> nbdb_admin: Exiting with rc = 25




If Sybase fails to start, the application will not function properly.  This can be tested by running /usr/openv/db/bin/nbdb_ping.  The following response should be seen:

Database [NBDB] is alive and well on server [NB_SERVER_NAME].

If Sybase is not running, nbdb_ping will return the following:

Database [NBDB] is not available.

Sybase can be manually started by running the /usr/openv/db/bin/nbdbms_start_server, then repeating /usr/openv/db/bin/nbdb_ping

If Sybase fails to stay running, the configuration files should be checked for typos or invalid settings.  Use caution when editing the configuration files.  ALWAYS save a copy of the files prior to making any changes.

The configuration files are located in the following directories:

  • /usr/openv/db/bin contains the file servername.  The file should contain NB_<server_name>.
  • /usr/openv/db/data contains the file named vxdbms.conf.   The contents of this file will vary from location to location.  Simply check the file for typos, or incorrect paths.  If further assistance is required with the contents of this file, contact Symantec Technical Support.
  • /usr/openv/var/global contains the databases.conf and server.conf files. It may also contain emm.conf.
    • The databases.conf file will minimally contain the following:     "/usr/openv/db/data/NBDB.db" -n NBDB        The paths may be different depending upon the location of the database.  There may also be additional lines in the file for other databases, such are BMR.
    • The emm.conf file.  This file may or may not be present in this directory and it's contents may vary.  Typos or invalid configuration settings will cause problems with application startup.  For testing purposes, the emm.conf file should be renamed to eliminate this a a potential cause of the problem.  It should be added back later when the settings have been confirmed as accurate.
-n NB_<server_name>
   -x tcpip(LocalOnly=YES;ServerPort=13785)  -gp 4096 -ct+ -gd DBA -gk DBA -gl DBA -ti 0 -c 25M -ch 500M -cl 25M -os 1M -o /usr/openv/db//log/server.log

 Invalid or incorrect settings in this file may cause problems with startup. An example of a 'bad' entry would be to add the "-ua" flag to the server.conf file on an operating system other then Linux.  

 -n NB_<server_name>
   -x tcpip(LocalOnly=YES;ServerPort=13785)  -gp 4096 -ct+ -gd DBA -gk DBA -gl DBA -ti 0 -c 25M -ch 500M -cl 25M -zl -os 1M  -ua  -o /usr/openv/db//log/server.log

The Sybase website states that the -ua parameter is only applicable on Linux, hence start up on other Unix platforms would be problematic with this setting in place. 

For additional information, please visit the Sybase website that details entries that can be used in the server.conf file:

Tuning may be present in the server.conf file and various values in some fields are critical to proper function of the application.  If the server.conf file contents are in question, it is possible to move the existing server.conf file out of the way and replace it with the default file contents above.  The NB_<server_name> does need to reflect the correct servername in the current configuration.

If Sybase stays running with the default parameters in place, then the problem is due to a typo or misconfiguration in that file.  The contents of the original file should be closely scrutinized to determine which parameter is at fault.

NOTE:  Caution should be used when modifying the server.conf file.  If an emm.conf file exists in the same directory, it is critical to make sure that the -c, -ch and -cl parameters are the same as the suspected corrupt server.conf file.   If in doubt, contact Symantec Technical Support for assistance.

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