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Using Storage Foundation in the VIO client with virtual SCSI devices


Storage Foundation provides support for virtual SCSI (vSCSI) devices on the VIO client. You can create and manage Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) volumes on vSCSI devices, as for any other devices. Storage Foundation provides Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) for vSCSI devices, by default. Storage Foundation can also co-exist with MPIO for multi-pathing. If you choose to use MPIO to multipath the vSCSI devices, DMP works in pass-through mode.

Use the vxddladm utility and the vxdmpadm utility to administer DMP for vSCSI devices. The vxddladm utility controls enabling and disabling DMP on vSCSI devices, adding and removing supported arrays, and listing supported arrays. The vxdmpadm utility controls the I/O policy and the path policy for vSCSI devices.

Using Storage Foundation with virtual SCSI devices Versions of SF that support vSCSI disks are:
Prior to Storage Foundation 5.1, Portable Data Containers (disk type CDS) were not supported. With extensions included in Storage Foundation 5.1, CDS type devices are now supported.

Storage Foundation can be used in the following ways:
■ useDMPin the VIO server to provide multi-pathing to the array.DMPpresents a dmpnode as a vSCSI device to the VIO client.
■ use Storage Foundation in the VIO client to provide volume management on the vSCSI devices, and multi-pathing through the VIO servers with DMP.
■ use SF in the VIO client to provide volume management on the vSCSI devices, and use MPIO to provide multi-pathing.

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