NetBackup 5200 Appliance patch 1.2b

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This document contains: NetBackup 5200 Appliance patch 1.2b

This 1.2b updates resolves the issues reported in 1.2 and noted in the following article:



NetBackup 5200 1.2b README                                   July 11, 2011

This software update provides fixes for the NetBackup 5200 appliance series.

For additional information about new features, product fixes and enhancements,
known issues, and the current release content that are included in this
release update, refer to the following article on the Veritas Support Web





   -- NetBackup 5200 Appliance software version, or must
 be installed on a NetBackup 5200 media server appliance before this
      software update is installed.



Note: Before you begin this procedure, ensure that there are no backup jobs
      currently running or are scheduled to run before you begin this procedure.

To install the 1.2b software update on the NetBackup 5200 Appliance:

1. Open an SSH session and log on to the appliance as an administrator.

2. Use the "Share Open" command to open the NFS and CIFS share directories
   so the appliance can receive the release updates.

       Main_Menu> Support> Software> Share Open

3. On a different computer, map or mount the appropriate appliance NFS
   or CIFS share: 

       - For UNIX enter:  <appliance-name>/inst/patch/incoming
       - For Windows enter:  \\<appliance-name>\incoming patches

4. From the other computer, download and unzip or untar the following
   NetBackup release update from the Veritas Support Web Site
   onto the mapped or the mounted directory.

       rpm SYMC_NB5200_update-

5. Upload the unzipped release update rpm to the mounted share.
   Note: You should only upload the release update rpm and not the zip file.

6. From the other computer, unmap or unmount the shared directory after you
   have successfully downloaded the release update.

7. From the appliance, enter the following command to close the NFS and the
   CIFS shares:

       Main_Menu> Support> Software> Share Close

   Once the release update is downloaded on the share directory, and you run
   the Share Close command, the update is moved from the share directory to
   its proper location.

8. From the appliance, enter the following "List Available" command to list
   the available release updates on the appliance.  Note the name of the
   uploaded release update.

       Main_Menu> Support> Software> List Available

9. From the appliance, enter the following command to install the release
   update.  Use the name of the package that you downloaded in Step 4.

       Main_Menu> Support> Software> install <release update name>

Note: As part of installing the release update, all NetBackup services are
      shutdown and restarted.

For more information, see the "NetBackup 5200 Administrator's Guide".



Note: If you want to roll back the 1.2b release update immediately after
      you have installed it (in the same command-line session), you must
      exit the session and log on again. That ensures that the Rollback
      command is present in the command line interface

To rollback the 1.2b software update on the NetBackup 5200 Appliance:

1. From the command line interface, enter the following command:

       Main_Menu> Support> Software> Rollback

2. At the following prompt, press the Y key to answer yes.

   Do you want to rollback to x.x.x.x? (y/n)

     Where x.x.x.x is the previous version number.

     This process requires various processes to be stopped and started. In
     addition, the previous version that is found, is displayed for you to see.

3. After Rollback has completed, REBOOT your appliance.




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