GRT enabled backups to Backup Exec 2010 Deduplication Storage Folder completes successfully but does not display Dedupe Stats in the Job log

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GRT enabled backups to Deduplication Storage Folder complete successfully but do not display Deduplication statistics in the Job Log and also does not show the Deduplication ratio in the Job history. If a NON-GRT job for same resource is run, then the Deduplication statistics in job log and Deduplication ratio in job history are displayed.

Error Message

 PDVFS debug log on the media server shows the following errors:

(8108:6432) PDVFS - <INF> PdvfsPread: starting fd=3 buflen=512 offset=0
(8108:6432) PDVFS - <INF> PdvfsPread: return fd=3 res=-1
Also the PDVFS debug log shows that the data is actually getting deduplicated and only the Dedup stats are not resetting and displayed in job.
(8108:2668) PDVFS - <INF> pdvfs_release_cr_conn: Stats:
Uptime        : 13,65 sec
Calltime      : 8,54 sec
Total Strm KB : scanned 1056832, received:      0
Total CR time : send 0,27s, recv 0,81s
Total CR KB   : sent   6260, recv:    419
Total CR msgs : sent   8263, recv:   8263
Data  CR time : send 0,00s, recv 0,00s
Data  CR KB   : sent   5260, recv:      0
msgs  CR time : send 0,27s, recv 0,81s
msgs  CR KB   : sent   1000, recv:    419
The percent deduplication is ((scanned  - sent) * 100)/scanned.
In this case, it is (1056832 – 6260)*100/1056832 = 99% deduplication 


This issue occurs with GRT statistics when the media server (or client in the case of client-side dedupe) runs in a locale that uses a comma (‘,’) to format floating point number which is responsible for resetting the Deduplication statistics. Many System Locales uses a "comma" instead of "dot" as a decimal number separator. All GRT backups to deduplication storage folders will exhibit this problem if the system locale uses ‘,’ as a decimal separator.  The non-GRT backup statistics are collected in a different way, and do not run into the same problem.




This problem has been resolved in Backup Exec 2010 R3 Hotfix 159965




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