CommandCentral Storage is unable to discover an Oracle instance

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CommandCentral Storage (CCS) Oracle explorer is unable to discover an individual Oracle database instance though other instances on the same database server might work fine.


One possible cause:


 # export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/product/10.2.0/    << Here, there is an extra slash at the end of the line


Another possible cause:


The file /etc/oratab has incorrect details for Oracle SID and HomeDir


  Correct the /etc/oratab file .

CCS uses the /etc/oratab  file to identify which Oracle instance ID is located on which home path. CCS gets the Instance ID and home directory  and to get the oracle user, CCS performs a ls –ld on the Home Dir obtained for the Instance  from the oratab file. 







Applies To

CCS will be able to discover Oracle database instances automatically only if the root user can connect to the database .

To verify the permissions, follow the below steps:


  1. Get the Oracle SID and HomeDir from the oratab file.
  2. Get the Oracle User “oracle-user” for this Oracle SID from the ps –ef output (ps –ef | grep <oracle-sid>) or by doing “ls –ld <oracle HomeDir>” on the oracle home dir

Execute the below commands, if it is successful, then the CCS discovery should work.

If this is not successful, then either the oracle-user or HomeDir is not correct or this Oracle SID cannot be accessed by the root user and this database instance needs to be configured from the CCS Graphical User Interface with correct username/password for complete discovery.


# export ORACLE_SID=<Oralce-SID>


# export ORACLE_HOME=<HomeDir>

# su <oracle-user> -c " <HomeDir>/bin/sqlplus -s /nolog" << !

> connect / as sysdba

> set heading off echo off feedback off timing off;

> set numformat 999999999999999999999999;

> set linesize 1000;

> set pages 0 feed off

> select 'db_name=',value from v\$parameter where name = 'db_name' ;

> select 'status=',status from v\$instance;

> exit;

> !


The output has to be something like

db_name= <Oracle-SID>

total_tablespaces= 147

status= OPEN

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