Error "CopyHotfixBinaries Failed. 2, 1224" during the installation of a patch.

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During the installation of a patch, the Wizard could fail with the error V-16-0-7756 during the copy of the binaries.

Viewing the log, the error 1224 is reported associated to a file (tipycally a DLL)

Error Message

VCS ERROR V-16-13 CVxHFUtil::CopyHotfixBinaries Failed. 2, 1224.


Error 1224 can be translated in:
The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open

It means that a process is keeping an handle on the file, preventing the Wizard to replace it.


With the help of ProcessExplorer, it is possible to find the process (or processes) that keeps the file locked.
Stopping the related services and retrying the installation, it can be completedwith no further problem.

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