Support of proxy server between NetBackup appliance and external network.


Communication between NetBackup appliances and external network may fail if there is a proxy server between the appliance and external network.

NetBackup appliances upload data from monitored hardware and software components to Symantec Callhome server if Callhome feature is enabled on the appliances. For this purpose, the appliance needs to successfully communicate with Symantec Callhome server which is on the customer's external network. If there is a proxy server at the customer site between the appliance and the external network that connects to Symantec Callhome server, the connection will fail as proxy server is not supported for appliance version 1.1.x


proxy server is not supported with appliance version 1.1.x


proxy server support between the appliance and Symantec Callhome server on external network starts with appliance version 1.2.

If proxy server support is required, upgrade the appliance to at least version 1.2


Applies To

NetBackup 5200 appliance with appliance version 1.1.x

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