Enterprise Vault (EV) for File System Archiving (FSA) placeholders cannot be retrieved from NetApp Filers running ONTAP 8.0.x


When using FSA to archive data from NetApp Filers running ONTAP 8.0.x, the placeholders become corrupt and cannot be used to retrieve the archived data.

The archived items can be retrieved successfully from ArchiveExplorer as the files are archived correctly in their original state.


Error Message

Enabling Dtrace.exe shows following lines of trace highlighting the issue:


(EvNetAppPHSvr)            <8084> EV:H      Failed to read the associated Enterprise Vault XML stream, ErrorCode: 2, File: \\?\UNC\FileServerName.DomainName.local\ONTAP_ADMIN$\vol\vol1\Test\FileName.log:veritas.com-80D1BEC9-74E5-4a8c-B96C-B808945AC1BF 
(EvNetAppPHSvr)            <8084> EV:L       WorkItem::IsAPlaceholder (Exit) |The system cannot find the file specified.  [0x80070002] | 
(EvNetAppPHSvr)            <8084> EV:M     File '
FileServerName.DomainName.local\ONTAP_ADMIN$\vol\vol1\Test\FileName.log' is not an Enterprise Vault placeholder and will be ignored 

For more information on Dtrace please refer to the Related Articles section.


The issue occurs at the stage where the archived item is post-processed and converted to a placeholder. The FSA Task sends instructions to add a hidden ReparsePoint stream to the file, which is deleted by ONTAP due to a change introduced in ONTAP 8.0. When the ReparsePoint stream is deleted the placeholder becomes corrupt. 

Due to the changes introduced in ONTAP 8.0, some methods used by EV to convert the archived file to a placeholder were modified to allow the correct creation of the ReparsePoint stream.


This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:


Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP5 - Release Details

Applies To

EV 8.0 SP4 and previous versions, while archiving from NetApp Filers running ONTAP 8.0.x, would be affected by this issue.

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