Backup Exec 2010 Hyper-V agent GRT enabled Backup to disk jobs targeted to Advanced Format 4K Sector disk drives complete with exception


When using the Backup Exec 2010 Hyper-V agent to perform a GRT backup to disk job targeted to a large disk (2TB or Greater) the job completes with an exception and GRT selections are not seen in the restore view.   This issue occurs when the backup to disk folder is located on an Advanced Format 4K Sector drive.  Typically these drives are 2TB or greater.  Additionally the issue can occur with NAS devices or storage arrays that format or emulate volumes with 4K sectors.



Error Message

Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images". "Error mounting disks (0xe0009741)"



In order to perform a GRT backup to disk Backup Exec must be able to mount the VHD files on the Backup Exec media server backup to disk location.  Due to Microsoft limitations Backup Exec is unable mount and access VHD files on Advanced Format 4K Sector drives or volumes. See Additional Microsoft Links below.


BEREMOTE Debug log from Backup Exec Media Server

[mounter]            - MSVS_VDiskMounter::GetParentHelper: cracking open "E:\USB H\IMG000044\D\VHD\TEST_C_DRIVE.vhd"
                      - IVhdFileUtil::load_VHD_structures(): the VHD footer failed checksum verification
[mounter]            - Error mounting disks (0xe0009741)
[fsys\ntfs\img_pdi]  + img_pdi_attach.cpp (477):
[fsys\ntfs\img_pdi]  | changing VM Guest Computer name from 'DCEXT' to 'TEST.TEST1.local' as the 'to' name is what was used to make the NDMP connection.
[fsys\ntfs\img_pdi]  + img_pdi_attach.cpp (551):
[fsys\ntfs\img_pdi]  | Error mounting disk(s): E_IMG_FS_FAILED_TO_MOUNT_VIRTUAL_DISK (0xe0009741).

Using Hyper-V with large sector drives on Windows Server 2008 and Windows
Server 2008 R2

Information about Microsoft support policy for large-sector drives in Windows

Acknowledgement : Microsoft


Workaround:  (Use any of the following)

  1. Perform a Non-GRT backup. 
  2. Perform a remote agent backup of the Virtual machine using the Backup Exec Remote Agent (RAWS).
  3. If possible format the backup to disk drive to 512bytes sector size or 512E (Emulation) if the hardware vendor provides a tools for format or 512 emulation.


This issue has been resolved in Backup Exec 2012 and above.



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