Event ID's 8390,8391 and 2270 - folder hierarchy inversion - 0xC0041BF0

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One or more mailboxes will not archive during an archive run, this effects both manual and scheduled runs.

The event viewer will display Event IDs 8390, 8391 and 2270 in succession during an archive run of an enabled mailbox in Enterprise Vault. These will occur during manual or scheduled archive task run. The underlying problem is often a “looping” folder-structure.

Error Message

Event ID: 8390
Task Category: Archive Task
Description: The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryService object reported an error. An attempt was made to move an ArchiveFolder beneath itself (hierarchy inversion)


Event ID: 8391
Task Category: Directory Service
Description: The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryService object reported an error. An attempt was made to move an ArchiveFolder beneath itself (hierarchy inversion)


Event ID: 2270
Task Category: Archive Task
Description: A queued operation exceeded the retry count and has been discarded


DTRACE Information:

To validate if this is the issue a DTRACE is needed, please perform the following steps on the EV server that has generated Event ID 8390, 8391 and 2270 while re-creating the issue.

For more information about Symantec Enterprise Vault’s DTRACE Utility please see 000125000 .

  • DTRACE the process ArchiveTask for no less than 5 minutes while re-creating the issue.
  • Open the log file created and search for either of the following the strings:

CFolderHelper::UAFR() - Error updating record <folderID>, error = 0xC0041BF0|Internal:CFolderAgent::UpdateArchiveFolderRecord() ..\AgentsCommon\FolderHelper.cpp [lines {2371,2402}], built Feb  9 09:23:12 2011

CFolderHelper::GetFolderSettings - HRXEX fn trace : Error 0xc0041bf0, ..\AgentsCommon\FolderHelper.cpp [lines (15){...,437,440,779,780,793,794,795,796,797,798,799,897}], built Feb  9 09:23:12 2011.


There are two possible solutions to correct this issue.  Both options are listed below.

Solution 1:

The first is to ‘zap’ the user’s mailbox.  This is accomplished via EVPM and then re-enabling the users mailbox.  For detailed instructions please see the below steps:
       1.    Locate the associated mailbox listed in Event ID 2270.
       2.    ‘Zap’ the applicable mailbox illustrated in 000028255 
       3.     Re-enable the mailbox for Archiving. 
       4.     Manually attempt a mailbox archive action.

Solution 2:

The second method of correction is a more involved process.  It requires that the archives experiencing these events are exported to PST and then imported back into EV. Below there is a high-level list of steps to correct these events.  If more information is needed click on the step for a detailed explanation:
a)    Verify that the export completed successfully
b)    Rename the archive and refresh the VAC view to make sure it is successfully renamed
Note: BEFORE importing the PST to the mailbox, It would be a recommended, that a choice is made to delete the existing shortcuts so user does not end up with Duplicate shortcuts accidentally. If so, please refer to Section A below
Disable the mailbox showing Events 8390 and 8391:
1.      In the Enterprise Vault Admin Console choose  Tools |  Disable Mailboxes
2.      Choose the mailbox to disable
3.      Disable the mailbox
Export the archive to a PST file:
1.     On the Enterprise Vault Server, open the Enterprise Vault Admin Console:
2.     Right-click on the  Archives object and select  Export
3.     Choose  Export archives to PST files, choose to  Filter Archive List and place the appropriate information for the problem user
4.        Select the archive in the list
5.        Choose to  Export all items
6.        Select the location to create the PST, and walk through the remaining default selections.
7.        Review the process until complete and take note of any errors
Note: Open the PST within Outlook and check if there are any items in the 'root' of the PST. If these are present move them into an appropriate folder. Make a backup copy of the PST.
Re-enable the Mailbox:
1.      In the EV Admin Console choose  Tools | Enable Mailboxes
2.      Go through the wizard and then Show  Disabled mailboxes only
3.      Select the  Mailbox, click on  Deselect Archive and choose  Next
4.      Verify the settings and continue to enable
Import the PST into the new Archive:
1.      Right-click on Archives and choose Import PST
a)      Select the user's Vault Store
2.      Add the user's PST file, choose next various times
3.      Choose the Destination archive, press next twice
4.      Review the Migration settings summary, then choose Next
5.      Wait for the PST to be imported into the archive, taking note of any errors that occur
Note: Once it has been determined that the renamed archive is no longer needed it may be deleted.
Delete the Archive within Enterprise Vault:
1.      In the  EV Admin Console |  Archives | Exchange Mailbox
2.      Right click on the Archive and choose  Delete then  Yes to confirm
3.      Wait for the Archive to fully delete, check the Event Log for any errors with Storage Delete or a successful archive deletion (Event ID 6652)
Section A: BEFORE re-importing the PST, it is recommended that the shortcuts are deleted in the user’s mailbox, to avoid duplicate shortcuts in the mailbox
1.      In the mailbox perform these actions:
a)      Search in all folders for messages with a message class of  IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut.
b)     To do this open  Advanced find and click the  Advanced tab
c)      Select the Field drop down box and choose  All Mail Fields  | Message Class
d)     Modify the criteria so that it is Message Class is [exactly]  IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut.
e)      Click  Browse against the folder to search in and select Mailbox - username. Choose  Search  Sub folders. Click  OK and then click  Find Now.
2.     The results displayed by the Search Window are archived items that will have been exported to the PST in the first step. Ensure that there is an Exchange backup of the mailbox and then delete all the items in the Search result window.
3.     Ensure that there is a copy of the PST that was exported in step 1 and then import it into the new archive. It is imperative that the option to create shortcuts in the mailbox is selected. As the duplicates are removed from the PST, there will only be one copy of each archived item shortcut in the mailbox and one copy of each archived item in the archive. 


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