Event ID 50000 received from source PDVFS during Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI) backups

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A review of the Windows Application Event Log after an AVVI backup into a DeDuplication Storage Folder has completed, shows that towards the end of backup sets for certain virtual machines (VMs), a number of Event ID 50000 alerts are recorded with the text given in the error message below. This condition does not usually affect all VMs in the job.

Error Message

EVENT ID: 50000
Source: PDVFS

Description1: An error occurred in the PDVFS driver:VmdkFilter::RealToLogicalOffset: Fatal error converting real offset to logical - offset not found in Grain Table!
Description2: An error occurred in the PDVFS driver: VMDKFilter: VMDK name  0.000000ound in NameDataMap, but creation of .hdr file failed! - write mode, res=5


This error is being generated in the AVVI Deduplication Stream Handler.  This stream handler is responsible for improving the deduplication performance of AVVI backups.  It does not affect all AVVI backups, only GRT backups to deduplication folders.


The error mentioned in Description1 is resolved in Backup Exec 2010 R3 Hotfix 159965
The error mentioned in Description2 is resolved in Backup Exec 2012 Hotfix 180962

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