Netapp NDMP restore job fails with Authentication failed on connection to the server. Make sure that the user account has the appropriate permissions and that the password was typed correctly



When attempting a NDMP restore the job fails with an Authentication error after mounting the media.  The same network logon account "ndmp" or "root" used for the restore job is being used for the NDMP backup jobs which complete successfully.


Error Message


0xe000fe29 - Authentication failed on connection to the server. Make sure that the user account has the appropriate permissions and that the password was typed correctly. Final error category: Security Errors

 (Also seen following error in some cases)

0xe0009b61 - The logon account that was provided does not have valid credentials. Ensure that the user name and password are correct, and then try again.


 Backup Exec SGMON Debug Log reports the following: 

BENGINE: [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ERROR: 4 Error: Connection has not been authorized
BENGINE: [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ERROR: sending message 0xf362: not supported.
BENGINE: [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ERROR: ndmpSendRequest failed:
BENGINE: [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmpFreeMessage: message:0x901
BENGINE: [ndmp\ndmpclient]    - getAuthenticationError: ERROR returning: 0x17, 23


 1) In the restore job properties go to Resource Credentials tab and specify a logon account which has permissions on the filer. By default the logon account is empty when you create a restore job. Specify this account for the NDMP device and all the volumes underneath. Once you specify a logon account for one job, subsequent restore jobs will pickup the same account for the restore.

2) Check the "root" account if it can be used on putty sessions for SSH/Telnet session and successfully log into the Netapp Filer.

3) On the filer add the Backup Exec Media Server to the trusted host file.
   A) Login to the NetApp filer via SSH or Telnet, then on command line enter:
   options trusted.hosts hostname1,hostname2,...,newhostname

   NOTE: Please consult the Netapp Data ONTAP System Administration Guide.  No space between the comma and the newhostname.  Newhostname would be the Backup Exec Media Server name or IP.  These settings can also be modified from FilerView (under Security > Configure) or with Netapp System Manager (under Filer > Security > Password/RSH/Trusted Hosts).

 4) Run the NDMP restore job.


NOTE:  Please contact Symantec Technical support for assistance troubleshooting this issue if the above does not resolve the problem.


Symantec Corporation has acknowledged that the above-mentioned issue is present in the current version(s) of the product(s) mentioned at the end of this article. Symantec Corporation is committed to product quality and satisfied customers.

This issue is currently under investigation by Symantec Corporation. Pending the outcome of the investigation, this issue may be resolved by way of a patch or hotfix in current or future revisions of the software. However, this particular issue is not currently scheduled for any release.  If you feel this issue has a direct business impact for you and your continued use of the product, please contact your Symantec Sales representative or the Symantec Sales group to discuss these concerns.  For information on how to contact Symantec Sales, please see Please be sure to refer back to this document periodically as any changes to the status of the issue will be reflected here.



Applies To


Backup Exec 2010/R2/R3

Netapp DATA Ontap Release 7.2.7
Netapp DATA Ontap Release 7.3.2P7

Netapp DATA Ontap Release 8.0.1.


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