Step-By-Step Process for configuring Symantec System Recovery (SSR) 2011 LightsOut Restore option.


How to configure SSR 2011's LightsOut Restore (LOR) option.


For creating LightsOut Restore with Symantec System Recovery(SSR) 2011 follow the steps mentioned below :

 1. Click from the pull down menu Tasks | Set Up LightsOut Restore...

 2. Click Next.

 3. Click the down facing arrow to the right of the Browse button and do one of the following:

  1. Select Symantec System Recovery Disk Folder if the contents of a Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD) has been copied to disk or being selected from a bootable SRD within the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Select Symantec System Recovery Disk ISO file if the SRD to be use is stored as a local ISO file.

 4. Browse to either the CD-ROM or ISO file as specified in step 3 and then click Next.

 5. From the list of drivers shown, left click to select and then click the Remove button on any software or hardware drivers that are not needed to perform the restore (i.e. Non-network or non-disk controller drivers).

 6. Click the Add button to add 32-bit Windows 7 / 2008 Network or Disk/RAID controller drivers. Click the Browse button and navigate to the location of the drivers in their non-compressed form (i.e. Non-zip or *.exe form) and select the driver's *.inf file and then click OK.

NOTE: Adding 64-bit network or Disk/RAID controller drivers will be use only during a Restore Anyware Option hardware retargeting recovery. These drivers will need to be specific for both the operating system and hardware the image is to be recovered to.


 7. Once added, the driver should show listed as below. Repeat step 6 to add additional drivers. Once completed click Next.

 8. Enter regional and time zone information and click Next.

 9. Enter network, firewall, and PcAnywhere settings then click Next.

 10. Enter a product key for SSR 2011 if LOR is to be used to create recovery point images and click Next.

 11. Click Finish to begin setup of LightsOut onto the system drive.

 12. Once the progress indicators complete, click Yes or No to test the LOR setup.






Applies To

  • When LightsOut Restore is set up, it installs the Symantec recovery environment directly to the file system on the system partition (you cannot change this location), and places a Symantec recovery environment boot option within the Windows boot menu.

  • LightsOut Restore does not work on BitLocked drives. Therefore, if you BitLock your system drive, you cannot recover the drive using LightsOut Restore.

  • If you cannot boot your computer using LightsOut Restore, it could be because your operating system resides on a drive formatted to FAT32.

    To resolve this issue, reset %TEMP% to point to a secondary drive that is formatted to NTFS. Then re-create a custom Symantec System Recovery Disk.

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