Search criteria using Custom Attributes do not show the full Attribute for certain Attribute combinations, when the Search Criteria is viewed after the Search is submitted

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When using Custom Attributes, particular combinations in an Alphanumeric string can result in the last character being stripped from the visual representation when viewing the Search Criteria.  This is a visual defect only.  The full Custom Attribute is properly searched.

Continued testing of various combinations of letters (both upper and lower case) and numbers. Found, but not limited to the following combinations resulting in the last character to be truncated in the Search Criteria View of a running Search when used as a single value (multiple values in the same customer attribute will display correctly, regardless of number or combination of characters used in the second value):

- I (capital letter "i") + 8 numbers     ie: I12345678 shows as I1234567
- I (capital letter "i") + A (capital letter "a") + 7 numbers     ie: IA1234567 shows as IA123456
- X (capital letter "x") + 8 numbers     ie: X12345678 shows as X1234567
- e (lowercase "e") + 8 numbers    ie: e12345678 shows as e1234567
- h (lowercase "h") + 8 numbers     ie: h12345678 shows as h1234567
- k (lowercase "k") + 8 numbers     ie: k12345678 shows as k1234567
- n (lowercase "n") + 8 numbers     ie: n12345678 shows as n1234567
- n (lowercase "n") + 9 numbers     ie: n123456789 shows as n12345678
- u (lowercase "u") + 8 numbers     ie: u12345678 shows as u1234567
- u (lowercase "u") + 9 numbers     ie: u123456789 shows as u12345678
- v (lowercase "v") + 8 numbers     ie: v12345678 shows as v1234567
- x (lowercase "x") + 8 numbers     ie: x12345678 shows as x1234567
- y (lowercase "y") + 8 numbers     ie: y12345678 shows as y1234567
- z (lowercase "z") + 8 numbers     ie: z12345678 shows as z1234567


This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 - Release Details

Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 - Release Details

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