OracleAgent returns: "The asm_diskstring parameter is not set correctly in the ASM initialization parameter file"

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Following error message observed during ASM agent config, where ADMDG group won't come up during online.

Error Message

2011/04/29 11:41:00 VCS INFO V-16-20002-259 (ngcs7) ASMDG:ASM_asmdg01:monitor:Agent unable to identify state of the ASMDG resource. The asm_diskstring parameter is not set correctly in the ASM initialization parameter file. (2)
2011/04/29 11:41:00 VCS ERROR V-16-20002-258 (ngcs7) ASMDG:ASM_asmdg02:monitor:Agent unable to identify state of the resource. (The sql output returned is: (Enter password: ))




Clear text strings for user/password is deprecated.

The “Enter Password: “ prompt appears in the output only when the password is NULL.

When one enters cleartext password, the agent can’t decrypt it and uses blank string.

Therefore an extra line “Enter Password:” gets appended for the every operation tried on the resource.

Due to mismatch in the number of lines in the output the agent assumes that there is an error.






>>>>>Unset the DBAUser and DBAPword for ASMDG:

hares -modify ASM_dg_res_name DBAUser ''

hares -modify ASM_dg_res_name DBAPword ''


>>>>>Use vcsencrypt to encrypt the password for ASM user.

# /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/vcsencrypt –agent

Enter New Password:#

>>>>> Verify the new DBAUser and DBAPword should be empty
hares -display ASM_dg_res_name


Applies To

 group orasm_vxvm_grp01 (

        SystemList = { ngcs7 = 1, ngcs8 = 2 }
        Enabled @ngcs7 = 0
        AutoStartList = { ngcs8, ngcs7 }
        AutoStartPolicy = Priority
        ASMDG ASM_asmdg01 (
                Sid = "+ASM"
                Owner = oragrid
                Home = "/u00/app/oragrid/product/11.2.0"
                DBAUser = griduser
                DBAPword = "testpassword"
                DiskGroups = { DATA_DB01, FLASH_DB01 }

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