Instruction for upgrading SQL2005 service pack with a Diaster Recovery (DR) configuration


What is the process to upgrade SQL 2005 service packs in a DR configuration?


The following is the upgrade procedure:
1. Stop replication between primary and secondary by VEA.
2. Upgrade secondary from SQL2005SP3 to SQL2005SP4, using passive mode. Reboot if is required.
3. Upgrade the passive node of primary site to SQL2005SP4, using passive mode. Reboot if is required.
4. Upgrade the active node of primary site to SQL2005SP4, using active mode. Reboot if is required.
5. Resume replication.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is stop/resume replication is a must?

     This is a recommendation for best practices, but nor required.

2. Is it correct to consider all nodes of secondary site as passive? 

     Yes, secondary site can be considered same as passive node.

3. Do we need to upgrade site by site? Which means upgrade all nodes of primary site firstly, then upgrade all nodes of secondary site? Vice-versa?
     Upgrade in the following sequence is recommended:
          1. All nodes on secondary site 
          2. All passive nodes on primary
          3. Active primary node

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