"Error 1327 Invalid Drive: X:\ " where "X" refers to a mapped drive, occurs when attempting a System Recovery uninstall /reinstall.

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When attempting an uninstall or reinstall of System Recovery the attempt fails with the error listed below. Rebooting and trying the attempt again generates the same results.

Error Message

Error 1327 - Invalid drive X:\ where "X" is the name of a mapped drive on the system.


This is an InstallShield error common to all applications that use this installation API.

More information is available in the following Microsoft article:





To resolve the error, temporarily unmap the drive mentioned in the error and reattempt the uninstall / reinstall. The mapping can be safely recreated afterwards. If the attempt continues to fail, and re-establishing the mapped drive has not affect, follow the steps outline in the following article to manually uninstall the product before any reinstall attempt: https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.000089622


Applies To

Windows base client install.

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