Backup Exec 2010 R2 and prior versions: AVVI backup fails with 'Failed to Mount one or more virtual disk images' when multiple transport modes are enabled.


When running a Backup Exec Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure job (AVVI)  the job fails against one or more Virtual Machines reporting the error message given below. Typically not all virtual machines in the backup job will report the error.


Error Message

Failed to Mount one or more virtual disk images



Issue appears to relate to how the handling of multiple transport modes in one job is applied to the detection of the disk images in the affected virtual machine(s) as reducing the transport modes to only one mode (for example SAN Transport only) stops the error condition.

It should be noted that this might not be the only cause of this specific error message.



Upgrade the Backup Exec version to 2010 R3.


Edit the job or template properties so that only the required transport mode is enabled.

If the job normally protects virtual machines that require different modes then separate jobs will be required.


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