Symantec and Microsoft Supportability statement


 What is the supportability agreement between Symantec and Microsoft?



In the following statement, the term ‘Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability for Windows’ (SFWHA) also applies to Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW), its options, Veritas Cluster Server for Windows (VCS) and Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing for Windows (DMP).

In general, Microsoft and Symantec each support their respective products. Symantec supports Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability for Windows (SFWHA) and all of its components when deployed in supported application environments, including, but not limited to, Microsoft Cluster and SQL Server environments. Microsoft supports SQL Server and other Microsoft applications above and beyond any clustering or volume management related to and/or provided by SFWHA.

For issues, real or suspected, related to clustering and/or volume management that involves SFWHA, Symantec should be the first point of contact for support. Additionally, we advise that, if there is an issue that is clearly related to SQL Server, Windows or any other Microsoft application independent of clustering and volume management provided by SFWHA, Microsoft should be the first point of contact for support. If there are situations where a distinction cannot be easily made, it is recommended that Symantec be engaged first, so that Symantec can determine whether the issue experienced is related to SFWHA clustering and/or volume management.

Symantec and Microsoft each engage in TSAnet, an industry wide, multi-vendor cooperative support program. Both Symantec and Microsoft have leveraged this program in the past to quickly resolve joint customer issues, and will continue to do so in the future. TSANet will be used for the less complex issues. For the complex/highly critical cases we will both use our Premier level support to expedite the issues.


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