When System memory is above 170GB Media Server Deduplication configuration may fail due to spoold core dumping

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When trying to Configure a MSDP disk pool on a system with a large amount of physical memory an error is received during the 'Configuring Media server deduplication pool' stage of the wizard.  The issue occurs when spoold is initializing the cache with a bits setting that is higher than a support number.  Spoold currently supports a maximum of 28bits and in an environment with more than 170GB of RAM it is possible that spoold will use 29bits.


Error Message

MSDP Configuration pop-up error:
Database system error . RDSM has encountered an STS error : failed to update storage server configuration due to unsupported platform ,invalid configuration or system error.

Starting spoold
Warning: manually modifying PureDisk services can cause unexpected behavior!
-n Warning: press CTRL+C to abort
Checking for PureDisk ContentRouter
-n Starting PureDisk ContentRouter: spoold
Segmentation Fault - core dumped
"/usr/openv/pdde/pdconfigure/etc/init.d/Solaris/pdde start spoold" failed (139)
Wed Oct 5 18:50:49 GMT 2011
ERROR: starting spoold failed

The following can be seen in a spoold trace:
# spoold -v --trace

Info: Auto-sized value for /Storage_path/etc/puredisk/contentrouter.cfg: section Cache, entry Bits to 29 bits

The maximum bits support currently is 28bits.

The following line will be see before spoold crashed:
Trace [1]: StorageDBOpen: done
Trace [1]: CacheInit: bits = 29
Segmentation Fault (core dumped)



The issue occurs because during setup Netbackup tries to configure a cache for MSDP based on the amount of physical RAM . If the System has a large amount of physical RAM the the cache initialization will fail. In this instance the customer had 256GB of RAM .

Trace log from spoold process on a Windows machine: 

April 14 11:07:36 TRACE: Loading Storage Index Manager Configuration.
April 14 11:07:36 TRACE: OSGetTotalRamValue: 262140 MB
April 14 11:07:36 INFO: Auto-sized value for f:\Storage\etc\puredisk\contentrouter.cfg: section Cache, entry Bits to 29 bits

Last line from trace log : 

April 14 11:07:36 TRACE [000000000267F8C0]: CacheInit: bits = 29



This issue affects all the Product versions tagged to the Products section of this article and applies to any deduplication media server with greater than 170GB of RAM.

Symantec Corporation has acknowledged that the above-mentioned issue is present in the current version(s) of the product(s) associated with this article. Symantec Corporation is committed to product quality and satisfied customers.

This issue is resolved in the following Maintenance Pack, Release Update, or version of the product. 

BugID 2630478 - NB / NB-A 2.0.3
BugID 3187554 - NB / NB-A 2.5.1
BugID 3187559 - NB 7.6 / NB-A 2.6
         where NB expands to NetBackup™, and NB-A expands to NetBackup™ Appliance

This issue is also resolved in NB versions 7.7, 7.6.1 and NB Appliance version 2.6.1


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