The Enterprise Vault (EV) StorageFileWatch process may stop processing if there are a large number of unreferenced SISParts found.

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The StorageFileWatch process is unable to remove items from the WatchFile table due to a large amount of unreferenced SISParts.


Error Message

(StorageFileWatch) <9232> EV:H EVCommon::CXMLDocument::get_XML _com_error exception. hr=Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. [0x8007000e]

(StorageFileWatch) <9232> EV:H FingerprintCatalogueUtils::GetSISPartsIdentifierXML _com_error exception. hr=Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. [0x8007000e]

(StorageFileWatch) <9507> EV~E CVSDBAccessor::GetUnreferencedSISParts Exception. hr=Catastrophic failure [0x8000ffff]


This can be seen in a Dtrace of the StorageFileWatch process.  For more information on Dtrace please refer to the link in the Related Articles section. 



(StorageFileWatch) <9232> EV:M CVSDBAccessor::GetUnreferencedSISParts (Entry) PartitionIdentity = [2] VaultStoreIdentity = [1] (StorageFileWatch) <9232> EV:L CVSDBAccessor::GetUnreferencedSISParts Information: Total [828867] unreferenced SISParts found for PartitionIdentity = [2] VaultStoreIdentity = [1]

(StorageFileWatch) <9232> EV:L CTraceSink::FormatAndTrace format exception Format:%s Information: Total %d unreferenced SISParts added to SISPartDetails vector for PartitionIdentity = [%d] and VaultStoreIdentity = [%d].CVSDBAccessor::GetUnreferencedSISParts

(StorageFileWatch) <9232> EV:M CVSDBAccessor::GetUnreferencedSISParts (Exit). hr=Success [0]

(StorageFileWatch) <9232> EV:L CWatchFileScanRequest::ProcessUnreferencedSISParts Information: Found [828867] unreferenced SISParts VaultStoreIdentity = [1] and PartitionIdentity = [2].

(StorageFileWatch) <9232> EV:M CWatchFileScanRequest::ProcessUnreferencedSISParts (Exit). hr=Success [0]


The issue is caused when there are hundreds of thousands of unreferenced SISParts returned that need to be processed.


Contact Symantec Support for procedures to modify the usps_UnreferencedWatchFileSISParts stored procedure in the vault store database to minimize the amount of items returned.


This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 - Release Details

Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 - Release Details



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