Deduplication Folder creation or recreation fails with the error "An Error Occurred While Creating the deduplication storage folder"


Deduplication Folder creation or recreation fails with the error "An Error Occurred While Creating the deduplication storage folder" in BE 2010 or "Unable to create the deduplication disk storage" in BE 2012


Error Message

The Backup Exec User Interface shows the following error :
An error occurred while creating the deduplication storage folder


  1. Make sure there are no instances of Postgre, Spoold and Spad processes running in task manager before an attempt is made to create or recreate the deduplication folder. By default, the deduplication services will not start and will be set to manual if a deduplication folder is not configured.
  2. Add the Backup Exec service account (BESA) to the local administrators group on the media server (Backup Exec Server). If creating the deduplication folder make sure system and BESA have full control/access on the folder. In case the deduplication folder exists and it is being recreated make sure system and BESA have full rights on each subfolders with deduplication storage. Check the permission recursively and make sure it is being inherited properly.
  3. Make sure User Access Control (UAC) is disabled.
  4. If the Deduplication folder is being configured on the same place where it existed before and the files are present then make sure the user account and password used to recreate this deduplication matches to the one used when the folder was created for the first time. If the password was changed in dedupe then make sure to use the latest updated password.
  5. Confirm that the Backup Exec Service Account (BESA) permissions, groups and user rights are applied correctly.
  6. There must be a password for the account that is used when creating the deduplication folder.
  7.  The password or username used when creating the deduplication folder may contain invalid characters. See article for details.
  8. File named 'Backup' under Program Files\Symantec\ or under the folder where Backup Exec is Installed might pose a problem for postgresql service startup and cause a failure during the deduplication folder creation/re-creation. Remove/Rename if such a file exist at the said path.
  9. This can occur if the postgresql-8.3 service is still configured to use the purediskdbuser account. See article for details.
  10. If the server name contains non ASCII characters.  This most often occurs on servers that are setup in non English languages.  In this case, the server must be renamed to contain all ASCII characters before it can host a deduplication storage folder.  Examples of non ASCII characters are c cedilla, vowels with accents, etc.  Note that an attempt was already made to create a deduplication folder on this system, that deduplication folder can not be re-used even after renaming the server.  Please delete the partially created deduplication folder from disk before attempting to use the same directory.  Details on valid internet hostnames (A-Z, a-z, 0-1, dash, and period) can be found at
  11. This can also occur right after upgrading from BE 2010 to BE 2010 R2. See article for details.
  12. This can also be a side effect of the the server moving from one domain to another at some time prior, that resulted in the permissions on the %temp% directory needing to be changed.  This is the value of the TMP environment variable of the person or account creating the Deduplication folder or device. 

And then try to create the Deduplication Folder.

Please Refer Article In The Related Article section for BESA Rights for further information



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