Maintenance Release NBLU_7.1.0.1.winnt.IA64.exe provides updates and fixes for Veritas NetBackup Server / Enterprise Server 7.1 via Live Update. These packages contain all server, client, and option packages for Windows IA-64 platforms.

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NetBackup LiveUpdate README 20110612
NBLU_7.1.0.1 Windows
This README describes the fixes and updates contained within the Veritas
NetBackup Maintenance Release LiveUpdate Packages.

This Maintanence Release requires NetBackup 7.1 be installed before applying.

For additional information about new platform proliferations, new features
associated with this release, end-of-life notifications, known issues, and
the current Maintenance Release content, refer to the following TechNote on the
Symantec Support Web site:


Creating a LiveUpdate Server for NetBackup:
A LiveUpdate Server for NetBackup does not require any additional software, but
is simply an HTTP server or disk share that has been populated with the contents
of this LiveUdpate Server for NetBackup bundle.

1. Create a LiveUpdate Server for NetBackup.
a. Configure either an HTTP server or a shared disk that can be accessed by
all NetBackup hosts that you plan to update. Refer to the "NetBackup
LiveUpdate" chapter of the NetBackup 6.5 Installation Guide for Windows.

The LiveUpdate Server for NetBackup can be a Windows or UNIX host.
NetBackup LiveUpdate policies can be used to update NetBackup on either
Windows or UNIX machines.

b. Download the following file(s) into the root directory of the NetBackup
LiveUpdate server, which is either the HTTP root directory or the shared
disk directory.

where <6 digit number> is an internal tracking identifier

You only need to extract the bundles for the windows platforms you
plan to update.

2. Extract the following file(s) into the root directory of the NetBackup
LiveUpdate server, which is either the HTTP root directory or the shared
disk directory.

a. To extract the bundle(s) on a Windows system use an appropriate unzip

b. To extract the bundle(s) on a UNIX system use the following command.
Determine if your UNIX system has "unzip", otherwise you will need
to obtain a version compatible with your UNIX system.


This creates a large number of files that comprise a LiveUpdate Server for
NetBackup. Do not rename, move, or delete any files that were extracted.


NetBackup LiveUpdate Known Issues:
The following issues pertain specifically to the LiveUpdate server for NetBackup

+ (ET1544083) When creating a Live Update policy, make sure that the policy
name is unique and that it is not the same as any other internal or external
policy name. The Live Update policy fails if its name is the same as any
other policy name.

+ Currently, when a client is configured to use a UNC for the LiveUpdate
server, and the update is launched using the policy execution on the
LiveUpdate server, the nbliveup process on the client starts and then halts
shortly after starting.

This is the result of system permissions and the local SYSTEM account's
inability to resolve network drives. Refer to the following TechNote on the
Symantec Support Web Site for more information.

+ If you are updating a clustered NetBackup server in a VCS configuration,
Symantec recommends that you run the manual patch install.


+ In order to free up disk space for downloading updates, the JavaLiveUpdate
agent on UNIX caches downloaded patches, by default, in the /tmp directory.

To reconfigure the directory the JavaLiveUpdate uses for temporary space,
modify the "workdir" setting in the /usr/openv/netbackup/nblu.conf file.

+ In order to successfully use LiveUpdate to apply NetBackup on UNIX
hosts, ensure the total available space in the /tmp directory of the
NetBackup host to be updated meets the following minimum space requirement:

NetBackup Server - /tmp must have at least 2.0GB of total available space
NetBackup Client - /tmp must have at least 1.0GB of total available space

If the /tmp directory of the NetBackup host to be updated cannot meet the
minimum requirement, you can reconfigure the JavaLiveUpdate agent to use an
alternate directory. Edit the "workdir" setting in the
/usr/openv/netbackup/nblu.conf file. For example, to reconfigure a machine
to use /space/downloads as the working directory, edit nblu.conf to replace
the line:


With the following line:


Failure to meet the minimal space requirement can result in your NetBackup
Liveupdate policy failing with an exit status of 77. The
/opt/Symantec/LiveUpdate/liveupdt.log will indicate exit status "246", with
a message similar to the following:

"Disk space check for <pkgname> failed. Requested free space was XXX (in MB)
The Java LiveUpdate session did not complete successfully.
Return code = 246"

Additionally, the /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/nbliveup/ logs will indicate
status "118", with a message similar to the following:

"Error executing /usr/openv/java/jre/bin/java -cp
/opt/Symantec/LiveUpdate/jlu.jar -c
/usr/openv/netbackup/nblu.conf, status = 118"

+ For Windows x86 systems, LiveUpdate cannot be used to upgrade the NetBackup
Java Console from 7.0 to 7.0.1. To upgrade the console from 7.0 to 7.0.1 on
this platform you must perform a local, manual installation of the console.

Using LiveUpdate to deploy NetBackup Maintenance Release
Refer the 7.0 "NetBackup LiveUpdate Guide" for instructions
on creating and executing a NetBackup LiveUpdate policy.

On UNIX, ensure that each host to be updated meets the minimum space
requirements in /tmp, as specified in the Known Issues section of this README.

NOTE: Only NetBackup 7.0 hosts can be updated with NetBackup Maintenance Release You cannot use LiveUpdate to upgrade from 6.5.x to

NOTE: The updates contained in the following files are not meant to be
installed manually, and must only be used by a NetBackup LiveUpdate policy.



Uninstalling NetBackup Maintenance Release
LiveUpdate for NetBackup does not provide a NetBackup policy method for
uninstalling Maintenance Releases. You must follow this procedure locally
on each NetBackup host that you want to uninstall.

To uninstall the Maintenance Release from a Windows CLUSTER Environment:

1) Uninstall this Maintenance Release from the nodes of the cluster where the
NetBackup group is inactive. (follow steps 1-2 below)

2) Uninstall this Maintenance Release from the active NetBackup node.
This should be done when the NetBackup system is quiet, for example,
no backups or restores running.

Do not failover the NetBackup Group until all NetBackup nodes (including
the active NetBackup node) have the Maintenance Release uninstalled.

**Important notice regarding un-installs on Windows**
Only the last Maintenance Release installed on a Windows system can be un-installed.

1) Close all NetBackup Windows.
Make sure the NetBackup server has no active backups, restores,
duplications, etc., running. If there are NetBackup activities in process,
the Maintenance Release will not install if the file to update is busy.

If a database client is being used, such as Oracle, ensure that the
database services are stopped. Database services can be stopped via the
Control Panel -> Services tool. Repeat this until all databases have been
stopped. These services must be restarted once the patch is successfully

2) Go to Add/Remove programs dialog box and select the correct Maintenance Release
to be uninstalled.

WARNING: While the Maintenance Release is being uninstall, any attempt to cancel
the uninstall operation while it is in progress might leave NetBackup
in an unknown state. Once you have canceled the uninstall, you should
manually try to restart the services. If the services do not come up
properly, Symantec recommends that you completely uninstall the
Maintenance Release and install it again.



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