Database error running SORT Data Collector to generate offline License Deployment Report (LDR)

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Running SORT Data Collector in offline mode to generate LDR for almost 10.000 hosts (9969), a database error is encountered after two (2) days.




./vosdc -offline -tardir=/var/tmp/sda/mar2011/ALL-LOC

Error Message

DBD::SQLite::st execute failed: unable to open database file(14) at dbdimp.c line 423 at lib/VOS/v10/DB/ line 173.
[VOS data collector DBException->Message] Collector, lib/VOS/v10/Collector/, 300, DB::get_from_db [ select distinct status from collector_status where sys_id='Sys::sjcbat114' ] unable to open database file(14) at dbdimp.c line 423 VOS data collector current session log files are saved at: /repo/vos/log/vosdc-201103311436wer


Running an older version of the Data Collector script.


Upgrade Data Collector script from SORT website (Custom Reports widget)


Browse to and click My Sort link

Or ...

Browse directly to

Applies To

Data Collector version: Build:


Current version: Build: 3.2.20110316 (at time of this writing)


While this issue was discovered in a specific OS environment, it is possible that this can apply to other supported OS's; only the Data Collector version is material, the version of any installed product(s) does not apply.

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