When attempting a GRT restore of individual items in a Microsoft Exchange 2010 Environment, the restore may fail with "V-79-57344-905 - The resource credentials for the restore job were unable to create a role assignment for ApplicationImpersonation."


During a restore of GRT items to an Exchange 2010 Server, the restore job may fail with the error message below.

Error Message

V-79-57344-905 - The resource credentials for the restore job were unable to create a role assignment for ApplicationImpersonation. Review the credentials to ensure that it has the rights that are required for ApplicationImpersonation.

Debug logs on the Client Access Server (CAS) show the following error:

[fsys\mb2]           - Checking Permissions for EWS
[fsys\shared]        - EnsureEwsPermissions returned 80131501
[fsys\mb2]           - FATAL: failed to aquire EWS ApplicationImpersonation rights
[ndmp\loops]         - Error: CreateObj returns extended error e000038


Possible Solutions:
1. http://www.veritas.com/docs/000005461

2. Verify the account used for the restore is using the User Principle Name (UPN) instead of the User Logon Name.

UPN Example: user@domain.local
User Logon Name example: domain\user

To verify the account is using the UPN

  1. Go to Network - Logon Accounts from within Backup Exec
  2. Select the account being used for the restore and click Edit
  3. In the User name box verify the account is listed as user@domain. If it is not, change the User name to the UPN.
  4. In the restore job, under Resource Credentials verify the Logon account is set to use the account with the User Name of the UPN.




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