How to configure basic storage resources.


How to configure basic storage resources. 



VCS resources can be configured via the Java GUi, VEA, Web Console, ha commands, VOM,  or editting the file. 

 The command line method is recommend.  


) Open the Config:    

haconf -makerw

) Prepare the VCS service group by either freezing the existing group or creating a new group.

  • Freeze the existing storage group

hagrp -freeze StorageGroup

  • Add a new group, StorageGroup.

hagrp -add StorageGroup
hagrp -modify StorageGroup SystemList nodeA 0 nodeB 1 nodeC 2
hagrp -modify StorageGroup AutoStartList nodeA  nodeB nodeC

)  Add, configure, and link the new resources:

hares -add res_new_dg DiskGroup StorageGroup
hares -modify res_new_dg DiskGroup  dg_name
hares -add res_new_vol Volume NewGroup
hares -modify res_new_vol DiskGroup dg_name
hares -modify res_new_vol Volume vol_name
hares -link res_new_vol res_new_dg
hares -add res_new_mnt Mount StorageGroup
hares -modify res_new_mnt MountPoint /path/to/mount/point
hares -modify res_new_mnt BlockDevice \
hares -modify res_new_mnt FSType vxfs
hares -modify res_new_mnt FsckOpt " -y "
hares -link res_new_mnt res_new_vol

) Enable the Resources:

hares -modify res_new_dg Enabled 1
hares -modify res_new_vol Enabled 1
hares -modify res_new_mnt Enabled 1

) Release the Group and config:

  • If frozen, unfreeze the existing group:

hagrp -unfreeze StorageGroup

  • Save the configuration into a backup file, and lock the configuration.

haconf -dump -makero


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